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Advisory services

Unleash your full potential and truly transform your business


At Cordial, we believe that the true essence of an advisor is to empower you as our customer – not make you dependent on us. We deliver maximum strategic execution power by creating the best possible conditions for each client to achieve their goals, improve their business, and increase their own ability to transform and succeed beyond our commitment. Together, we analyse, innovate, design, and realise ground-breaking business models by transforming business architectures.

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Business Transformation

Successful business-driven transformations require maximum execution power. We work with true transformation, which in practice means that, together with customers, we ensure progress within the abilities or areas that will be affected by the need for change. Successfully changing the business model of an operation is a big challenge. It often requires implementing a structured and methodical approach to pull it off. We at Cordial can help you understand how to do that. We’ve helped companies in everything from energy and manufacturing to banking and finance strengthen their ability to drive business transformations.

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Digitalisation impacts all aspects of the business and requires gradually building up new capabilities to continually challenge existing business models and seek out new ones. Modern business development is largely based on how you can use modern technologies – such as AI, ML, cloud-based services and systems – and their power to deliver better insights to your employees and greater value to your customers. At Cordial, we confidently lean towards business architecture as a craft to realise business improvements that can be found with the help of effective systems and information management.

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Sustainable workplaces that are flexible and committed – the organisations of tomorrow are already here today. Unleashing the power of an organisation requires designing it to help employees collaborate and deliver value to customers, users, and other stakeholders. Cordial can advise you on a number of different approaches for organisations. You don’t even have to know beforehand exactly what solution you need advice on implementing.  We can help you create the best conditions to attract the right talent, as well as stay relevant to your customers – today and tomorrow.

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Strategy and business models

Formulating a smart and effective strategy is difficult. Yet, it’s the execution that determines whether any strategy is successful or not. Cordial has extensive experience providing support and training for what is required to formulate a strategy that is both powerful and feasible. One of the tools that our customers often learn to master is the business model. As a conceptual tool, it’s unsurpassed in reducing complexity and offering clarity with what you as a business should do, for whom, and how you should implement it.

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Transitioning to sustainable business and operating models is both profitable and sensible. At Cordial, we have years of experience in helping clients with practical sustainability. That includes everything from implementing control systems for biofuels to incorporating sustainability reporting, and, above all, executing transformations across entire companies that want to pursue a more sustainable agenda.

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Raising competency in business development

The power to shape and transform often requires expanding and deepening one’s skill in the necessary areas. Cordial offers a wealth of learning experiences that help foster true transformation. Whether it’s our business architect certification course, any of our focused learning programmes, or tailored training just for you and your team, learning with Cordial can help you unleash your full potential and create sustainable change.

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