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Strategy & Business Models


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Formulating a sound strategy can be tough, but it’s the execution that determines whether the strategy succeeds. Cordial’s expert advisors know what it takes to develop a strategy that’s both sound and feasible. One of the most effective tools for our customers is the business model, and there’s truly no better conceptual device for simplifying and clarifying what your business should do, for whom, and how.

Strategy & Business Models

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What does your organisation need to develop? Within the area of strategy and business models, Cordial can help you gain insights and advice on several aspects of growth and evolution. And there’s no pressure to define all your needs and solutions beforehand. Contact us to talk more about how we can help!

Business Model Innovation

Cordial’s focus for the past two decades has been on the business model. Over the years, we’ve cultivated deep and broad competencies in business model innovation. Starting from your environment, strategic ambitions, and customer needs, you and your organisation can receive support in challenging, innovating, and developing your business model to make it concrete, coherent, and future-proof. Often, the key to a successful business model is a customer-centric approach, but revenue framework, cost structure, and profitability are also integral parts.

Offering Portfolio

Many organisations struggle with improving their efficiency while also strengthening their ability to adapt to increasingly fast-moving customer needs, the surrounding world, and their competitors. An important factor for success on both fronts is how you structure your offering portfolio.

A well-structured portfolio lets you deliver your value proposition with greater efficiency, giving you the opportunity to realise your business models. With Cordial, you benefit from our deep experience in helping businesses become more adaptable and competitive through the structure of their offering portfolios.

Customer Journey Design

Our unique competency as advisors comes from helping so many organisations in their innovation work, starting with their customer experience. The customer journey is one such tool for developing an enticing customer experience for companies and individuals alike. When you work with us, you get a holistic perspective on innovation that stays rooted in the customer promise. That includes carrying out a detailed analysis, design, and plan for how processes, systems, and organisations must be shaped in order to achieve a new or improved customer journey.

Value proposition design

The logical foundation for a business model is the value proposition, which describes how the customer benefits from a business’s products and services. To design and implement a competitive, sustainable, and customer-centric business model, organisations must develop a robust and precise value proposition. It’s the decisive element for making a business model attractive. For over twenty years, Cordial has helped both private businesses and public agencies to develop enticing value propositions catered to their customers’ underlying needs, behaviours, and motivations.

Business Planning

Being able to formulate the business strategies of tomorrow requires an authentic understanding of the world. Through Cordial’s advisors, you gain a stronger grasp of your business environment and its dynamics, giving you a chance to take the next step in your organisation’s development.

Strategy Formulation

With a deep understanding of your environment, you can secure a clear strategy with the right conditions to reach your goals with maximum execution power. Yet, every strategy needs to be updated from time to time to remain effective, so Cordial helps you capitalise on your organisation’s potential with a refreshed strategy tailored to fit the conditions of the future.

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Petter Norberg

Advisor | Strategy & Business Models
Phone: 079 100 00 36


Olof Pompe

Senior Advisor | Strategy & Business Models
Phone: 073 152 61 61