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The Power to Shape and Transform

Unleash your full potential and create sustainable change

Successful business-driven transformations with maximum execution power

Cordial is a leading management consulting company in business development and business architecture. We began in 2001 with the ambition to become a new benchmark for modern management consulting. Since then, we’ve established a proven and recognised framework with a concrete agenda for transformation that links strategic business decisions with results that are foundational for continued success. Today, Cordial consists of around 50 advisors who utilise that framework in our consulting, training, and events. We help our customers bridge the gap between strategy, structure, and culture to unleash their full potential and produce sustainable results.


All business is human

All businesses are fundamentally human and no strategy or business model is better than the people who bring it to life. That is where the keys to change lie and the starting point in everything we do.

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Achieving sustainable and lasting change requires a holistic view with a thorough understanding of how to do it. It’s every bit as important as defining what needs to be done and why. Through Cordial’s consulting services, we help you move from what to how, creating the conditions to achieve your goal.

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For over two decades, Cordial has been gathering insights into the power to shape and transform. True transformation is fostered by helping teams and individuals evolve. Your organisation’s people stay at the helm throughout the process, so that integrating the methods and tools we’ve cultivated over the years becomes organic and seamless.

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Subject-specific conferences and events are great platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and inspiration. At Cordial, we arrange events that not only share our own knowledge but also create opportunities for outside experts and guest speakers to do the same. We believe it’s important to listen, learn, and grow together.

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Our industry’s average is +36

+68 NPS

A metric of happy customers! In the spring of 2023, Cordial went through the process of measuring its Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the first time. A global-recognized performance metric, NPS methodology tracks customer experience and loyalty. We crossed our fingers, hoping the results would reflect the positivity we’d felt while helping customers. The score didn’t meet expectations — it far surpassed them! An NPS of 68 shows that our customers enjoy working with us as much as we do with them.

Our customers include