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All Business is Human

Changing the game of Business Transformation

The Cordial story

We are passionate about helping our customers unleash their full potential. At Cordial, we believe in creating sustainable results through maximum execution power. We see business development as a positive force that drives continuous improvement and growth for individuals, businesses, and organisations. Our contributions to the market and our customers come from the competency and passion of the people who work at Cordial. We know that our success is a direct result of our colleagues’ achievements – and thus, our strategy is to grow with our talent.

Cordial is a leading management consulting company in business development and business architecture. We began in 2001 with the ambition to become a new benchmark for modern management consulting. Since then, we’ve established a proven and recognised framework with a concrete agenda for transformation that links strategic business decisions with results that are foundational for continued success. Today, Cordial consists of around 50 advisors who utilise that framework in our consulting, training, and events. We help our customers bridge the gap between strategy, structure, and culture to unleash their full potential and produce sustainable results.

Our industry’s average is +36

+68 NPS

A metric of happy customers! In 2023, Cordial went through the process of measuring its Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the first time. A global-recognized performance metric, NPS methodology tracks customer experience and loyalty. We crossed our fingers, hoping the results would reflect the positivity we’d felt while helping customers. The score didn’t meet expectations — it far surpassed them! An NPS of 68 shows that our customers enjoy working with us as much as we do with them.


Our industry’s average is +20

eNPS +87

Satisfied and committed employees! When hearts and minds are equally prioritised, there’s a positive internal effect. Every 14 days, our employees are asked to comment on their job satisfaction via Winningtemp, and the results are positive (to say the least). The Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measures the extent to which employees would recommend their company as an employer. And an eNPS of 87 shows just how much our team members enjoy working at Cordial.

Cordial United

Cordial is an organisation where every individual counts. The company will never be more important than the people on our team. Every member of the Cordial team is therefore expected to play an active role in the development of our customers, themselves, and our company.

Meet the team

The journey here

Cordial was founded 20 years ago in the summer of 2001, which was a completely different time. The dotcom frenzy had reached its climatic peak, and our founders were consultants in a large international firm who saw freedom around the corner. When they started Cordial, the driving belief that the internet would save the world in the near future was just a click away. Old structures would be relegated to the elephant graveyard of the market economy as the new digital economy created deals and opportunities in an instant. It really didn’t turn out that way. New and old structures developed side by side. But there’s no lack of drama in life when constant changes become part of the daily routine, both for companies old and new.

It was the change process itself that became Cordial’s guiding light, or rather the lack of functioning change processes that we encountered among our customers. They were missing what we today call execution power, the ability to move from suggesting what can be done to how it should be done – and then doing it.

Our first insight, that a holistic view of business advising was a prerequisite for development, led us to delve deeper into business architecture. The big turning point came in 2006. After a company acquisition and a number of successful projects, we arrived at our own definition of what functioning business architecture entails. It’s the foundation on which the entire business rests. The most prominent thing in our approach was that when we talked about the whole business, it was really the big picture. We could help develop a company’s ability to bridge the gap between strategy, structure, and culture while at the same time tapping into the powerful potential of digitalisation throughout the organisation.


Now, 20 years later, Cordial’s growth is strong, and we employ around 50 advisers. We’ve further developed our business architecture services for customers. Our approach to advising involves and develops the employees who are responsible for the project rather than pushing measures out of the business model. It requires a different work process. It demands more from the customer and the organisation, and it creates sustainable results.

For Cordial, this means that the knowledge base of the customers we advise is a key factor in whether a decision, strategy, or business model is successful. Therefore, it was an obvious consequence of our own strategy for us to offer learning experiences early on for our customers. It’s become an important basis for ensuring the success of individual projects since we know they’ll be handled by people that are motivated and knowledgeable. If strategies are to become a reality, everyone involved needs to agree on the direction. They should know what the goal is and how the process drives the organisation towards it. That is what we believe is more important than ever before because now is when the demands for dynamism and mobility in business have never been so great.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen up close how the average time between surprises has become shorter and shorter. The requirements to notice changes early on and quickly adjust to them can no longer be solved with large external efforts. It takes cooperation between the motivated individual and the organisational group, with external support from decision to realisation, that releases the power of execution and creates success.