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Become a certified transformation architect

Certified Business Transformation Architect

Harness the power to future-proof your business

Digital development is accelerating, and customer demands are increasing. The competition is so fierce that only those who can continually transform their business will stay relevant. All development needs a guiding hand – Cordial has the toolbox for that. The Certified Business Transformation Architect programme gives you deep knowledge of enterprise-driven business development from a business model and architecture perspective.

In the Certified Business Transformation Architect programme, you gain a solid understanding of modern strategy development through an in-depth study of business models and business architecture. The programme joins its strategic agenda together with your own operational structures, such as processes, organisation, governance, and IT. You learn methods for analysing and designing your business with precision to ensure maximum value creation for your customers, as well as a high degree of flexibility in your organisation.

Over time, whoever succeeds in sustainably future-proofing their business models will win. You assure your ability to not only design but also realise your vision through a development method based on business cases. This allows you to steer toward a clear goal with an agile approach as you implement your design.

As a transformation architect, you become an expert on the bigger picture. You build competencies to forge the direction and navigate that path in a smart, speedy, and safe manner. It’s a unique role with the ability to weave together your strategy and your enabling structures.


Next start 6-7 mars 2024 (held in Swedish)


Instructors: Björn-Erik Willoch, Linus Malmberg, etc.


Location: Cordial’s office at Hötorget, Sveavägen 15 Stockholm


79000 SEK

You gain an in-depth knowledge of:

Business strategy & business model analysis (Days 1–2)

You acquire the ability to scout, identify, and capture the dynamics of your market context with new perspectives. You’re trained in pattern recognition and the ability to identify opportunities in the market. This allows you to position your business with future-proofed models and ensure relevance well into the future.

Business model innovation (Days 3–4)

With the aim of realising your strategic direction, you’re trained in methods of strengthening and refining your value creation through a structured approach to business model innovation. Based on your vision, we design a future business model portfolio and analyse the demands it involves for shifting our supporting structures.

Design of business architecture (Days 5–6)

By leveraging your current capabilities and assets, we design a future business architecture with four dimensions: process, information, organisation, and system. These will be necessary to realise your desired strategic position in a lasting and sustainable way.

Realisation of business models (Days 7–8)

By pinpointing a robust plan for your transformation, you can realise new aspects of your future business model portfolio through business case-driven development. With this approach, we ensure flexible and effective management that lets you achieve your desired result for transformation.

Want to participate in English?

For those of you who speak English, the purpose of this page is for now to provide more information. The open classes are currently only held in Swedish, but alongside our open programs you are offered the same training but adapted to your organization. Then the training is offered in English and held on site at your place or virtually, depending on your wishes.

Customised learning experiences


  • 8 instructor-led days
  • Experiential & case-based learning
  • Individual assignments 
  • Certification opportunity
  • Guest lecturers

Online support

Throughout the programme, you have access to a large online library of resources for further research to deepen your knowledge of your specialisation in business architecture.


Requirements for certification include full attendance and an examination approved by the main instructors.

The programme has given me a completely new understanding of how the whole really fits together. Thank you, Torbjörn Matton & Co.! Very educational! Plus it’s incredibly inspiring to listen to people like Bjørn-Erik Willoch, what a legend!

Göran Palmqvist

Head of Swedbank Cloud Team, Swedbank

I would recommend the programme to many different backgrounds!

Mia Modén

System Manager, Jönköping Energi

Thank you for a very good and instructive programme!!

Jeanette Lundell

HR Strategist, Jönköping Energi

Thank you, Torbjörn Matton! For me personally, it has been a very instructive course with competent instructors all the way. Thanks to Linus Malmberg, Bjørn-Erik Willoch, Lars Mårtensson, and Henrik Engström, and everyone else who has supported us during the journey. We have every reason to meet again.

Tommy Söder

Consultant, Zanzalin

Above all, the training has bolstered me in discussions with the business side, allowing me to explain and show how the whole is actually connected.

Toine Rozemeijer

Enterprise Architect, Dustin