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Customised learning experiences

Get training and education tailored to fit your circumstances

Tailored or company-specific training helps your organisation develop skills that can be quickly applied to daily work to increase the efficiency and results of your business development. All open training courses at Cordial are also held as company-specific where we come out to your company and train or hold the training virtually depending on your needs. In addition, there is an opportunity to design content together with you as a customer for your organization’s specific needs.

A tailored program can focus on one or a mix of the following areas:

▶ Organisation
▶ Strategy and business models
▶ Business Transformation
▶ Digitalisation
▶ Sustainability


By creating a group education experience to use within your organisation, you also ensure establishing a common language and methodology that will be a benefit both now and in future initiatives.

Given that Cordial’s training always focuses on practical application, a learning experience with us will lead to concrete results for your particular business, in the subject that we delve into together. Cordial has extensive experience in developing in-house education material for a wide range of companies and organisations – of different sizes and from different industries. Our familiarity with delivery formats means we’re comfortable providing a learning ex1perience for all sorts of conditions and circumstances.


Personal contact

Curious about our courses but not sure which one is right for you or your company? Have specific questions about a course? Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Torbjörn Matton, Learning Manager at Cordial.

Torbjörn Olsson | Manager Learning

Phone: +46 73 851 22 41
E-mail me