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NASA quietly disrupting our lives

NASA has not been very visible to the public world the last few years and budgets have been cut several times. However, research goes on and with a program specifically for “Innovative Advanced Concepts” where all candidates surely have possibility to change our lives by improving technology and moving “true” (past the moon) space travel closer in time. Recently NASA announced funding for 13 new projects in the program that seem like they came right out of a sci-fi movie. How about deep sleep chambers for space travel to Mars and beyond, or using advanced robots to expand habitats when in space. Given this push and everything SpaceX is cooking, traveling to Mars is definitely not unlikely for anyone born in the 21st century, and hopefully “a few” years earlier!

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IOT and Cyber security

We have warned about the “smart home” before with for example hackable baby monitors.  Now the biggest brand in consumer electronics, Samsung, has had their “SmartThings” system hacked by security researchers. Don’t be surprised if your connected home has smoke detectors going off at four in the morning!

On a similar topic Engadget has published an interesting and scary article about the US presidential candidates’ view on cyber security. No matter the chosen candidate it will be a big issue but let’s hope it is NOT one that wants the US to start cyber wars with China!

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Speaker disruption

Another interesting acquisition in Silicon Valley has been made, a 40-person startup run by a former Facebook executive has swallowed a 1,100-person speaker company that has been around for half a century, Bowers & Wilkins. A similar company, Bang & Olufsen remains on the market. It’ll be interesting to see where these kinds of brands settle: they need world-class software, for which they lack the skills, but they own the strongest brands and have design expertise…

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