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Mobile payments are approaching tipping point!

We have written about ApplePay and other mobile app payment solutions like Snapcash earlier, now other tech giants are trying to stay catch the train before it reaches full speed. Google’s solution Google Wallet, which was early in the game but has practically failed, now might get some traction as Google now has cut a deal with AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile to have the app preinstalled on all the android phones they sell. Samsung have acquired LoopPay, which use a different technology but nevertheless it signals Samsung’s ambition towards the market. Alibaba has their own solution AliPay in China and it looks like Apple might be targeting China as their next market (even though they recently had some issues there).

All these players seem to be currently focusing on US or China which might be where the first battle is fought, but who is first to take this globally and push us past the tipping point?!

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Tires-sales goes online!

When buying new tires for your car, do you know which ones that suit your driving? Most likely not. Most people would go to a dealership and get the ones they tell you to get. That’s pretty good business for the dealer and the tire “incumbents” like Goodyear. But today more of the sales are moving online (naturally), which is likely to be damaging for the traditional business models. Goodyear gets crammed on margin by actors like Amazon and dealers loose business. However, as most people have very low knowledge when it comes to choosing tires one has to rely on Amazon recommendations and other online reviews. Goodyear is now trying to stay ahead of the game and are now the first of the major tire companies to launch their own e-commerce platform aimed at helping customers in the buying process online. Interesting development to follow, car dealers loose business from Tesla and now this. Is the dealership model a thing of the past?

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Telco sure is on the move!

AT&T introduced a potential game changer in telco and big data last week. We allow Google to take part in basically anything we do online, but it is the telco’s who actually host our “being” online so it has seemed inevitable that operators worldwide would continue to neglect the goldmine which all that data they are sitting on really is. AT&T are now one of the first to capitalize on this, users of their fiber network GigaPower who allow AT&T to take part of the data get a 30% discount on their monthly fee, coupled with directed offers and marketing based on their usage.

Is this something we will see more of? Most likely yes, fact is we are tracked for most of the time online whether we like it or not, so why not benefit from it directly and not just indirectly?

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Alibaba inventing holidays as part of the business model

Alibaba are really doing a bit of everything, retail, banking, movies etc. and at least in China they are doing it really successfully, just take the $82 billion they received the first year of launching deposit accounts. They have even become powerful enough to create holidays, every November 11 is “singles day” in China – a blockbuster holiday created in 2009 as a sort of anti-Valentine’s day which last year resulted in more than $9 billion in sales!

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HP attempts open source software

“Every large tech company is going through this: We built a great business in the old world. Now how can we use that money to be relevant in the new one?” says Jimmy Burton of EMC, and this quote sums up well what HP is going through. In consequence with their big organizational remake the company is now launching a new line of networking splits that will be manufactured by a Taiwanese company and based on open-source software where HP only will act as a reseller. HP, once a great manufacturer of technology, is going through a transition that is relevant for all tech giants to survive in the changing market. The embracement of open source is called “an evolution” of HPs strategy and an attempt to go where the money is, “proprietary” is becoming a concept of the past!

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