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Facebook Telco disruption

Facebook unveiled a new networking-equipment system designed to displace products from companies like Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc. with flexible hardware at the heart of large data centers.

Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure says “I see this as a challenge, as an opportunity for them, rather than a threat”. But if we then recall the latest feeds on the space race, Google telco partnerships and the AppleSIM there is a clear trend for OTT’s to take a larger part of the value chain.

Additionally, an article from NY Times this week tells of yet another growing threat, WiFi operators!

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Apple wants a car too

Silicon Valley investors losing their mind and targeting unicorns, big tech giants shooting money at all possible verticals they can and now (it seems) Apple are building a car, are they all crazy?

To quote the article from Bloomberg “Driving the interest of Silicon Valley companies in transportation is how the industry is ripe for disruption and new technology”, so we can sure expect things to change in the industry. Simultaneously many of these big tech giants of today may not be at the top in the next 10-20 years if they miss the mark, and they know it (read a great article from NY Times). Transport is surely up for disruption – first electric and soon self-driving cars!

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Fashion designers: skipping channels – connecting with individuals

Fashion shows exist for two reasons, signing contracts with buyers from department stores that are in the audience and second, to convince consumers that a label is still at the cutting edge. The latter is becoming more and more central. Partly because middlemen in their distribution chains are being cut out to a larger extent, more than 80% of the shoes, bags and other products bearing the Prada label are now sold in their own shops, compared with about 50% a decade ago.

Additionally, digital technology and social media are making the shows more accessible and a recent BCG study of the luxury industry concluded that “word of mouth overtook magazines last year as the biggest influence on consumers’ purchase decisions.” The trend is moving towards an industry focus on individuals, big change for fashion!

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Video gaming is taking crowdfund to a whole new level

Through so called pledges, fans and customers pay for a venture’s investments BEFORE launch of products/services without getting any equity, that’s the essence of crowdfunding and this last year a new video game, Star Citizen, has been taking it to a whole new level. In return for pledges—ranging from $36 to $18,000—fans get virtual spacecrafts to use in the game, early access to unfinished versions, T-shirts and so on. So far the game has accumulated $72m; another few million dollars keep on coming in every month. That makes it the biggest crowdfunded project, of any sort, yet seen, and on par with huge blockbuster franchises such as “Halo” and “Grand Theft Auto” in terms of development budget.

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Market for mobile video ads is taking off for real

TechCrunch have written an informative article on the dynamics of mobile video advertising. New ways of calculating ROI and new, more premium programmatic platforms are some factors driving the market forward. In last year’s U.S. development it is clear where the market is heading, mobile video ad spend more than doubled from 2013 ($720 million) to 2014 ($1.5 billion) and will reach $6 billion in 2018, representing about half of the total online video ad spend.

Deep-linking, which we have written about previously on the feed, will enable the market to grow further.

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