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Snapchat taking over? At least in data traffic!

Vodafone released some interesting data about social messaging apps. In a recent earnings call, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao attested that if you take all the messaging apps, “Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, whatever, 75 percent of the traffic today is Snapchat”. Talk about disruptive for telco! This also brings the question, how well will Snapcash be adopted and will it disrupt in a similar manner?!

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Customer loyalty to secure loans

ZipCap is the name of a new start-up, which in the spirit of the sharing economy provides loans for small businesses based on pledges by the business’s customer. Instead of traditional collateral such as real estate or other property, ZipCap demands a predictable and documented sales stream in order for the business owner to be qualified for a loan. This is done by letting the customers of the borrower pledge an amount of money to be spent in a fixed period of time, securing that the borrower will have a steady revenue and thus be able to repay the loan. Founder Evan Malter also claims that another big advantage of the arrangement is the relationships created between the business and its customers. It could be a strong indicator of quality to have many backers via ZipCap, perhaps stronger than a high score on Yelp or TripAdvisor. If the locals support it, it must be good!

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Crowd medicine vs. Computer medicine

CrowdMed, a recent venture for “crowdsourced” medicine is hoping to help people with rare diseases. Making the right diagnose for a general practitioner is often very hard. Research published in 2013, says about 8% of Americans (some 25 million people) are affected by rare diseases, and that it takes an average of 7½ years to get a diagnosis. A survey of eight rare diseases in Europe found that around 40% of patients received an erroneous diagnosis at first. This is something that can lead to life-threatening complications. By bringing in more “eyeballs” to view and give opinion, CrowdMed hopes to improve those stats. However, the tech giants of this world are mobilizing to disrupt many parts of medicine. CrowdMed are (hopefully for the better in general terms) likely to see competition from the likes of IBMs Watson, soon!

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Ford getting into on-demand car sharing

Ford (the inventor of the traditional automobile business model) will start offering a network of on-demand cars in London. Rival Daimler has had similar networks spread across several major cities since 2008, in London they however pulled out last year. Ford was however the best-selling car brand last year and may have an advantage. The big questions though, will these types of services be around at all when the self-driving cars come around?

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