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Apple and Google continue their venturing in to healthcare, Tesla truck will be unveiling in September and smart bandages will use 5G data to track your health. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Apple and Google continue their venturing in to healthcare

A while back we have written extensively about how healthcare is moving from reactive to proactive, and how both Alphabet (Google) and Apple are investing heavily in the field. The past year has been fairly quiet on this end, however the past week has showed some interesting advancements. It seems Apple is secretly researching a sensors to monitor blood sugar levels, which is key in diabetes treatment. Though an extremely hard nut to crack it could make devices like the Apple Watch a “must have” rather than a “nice to have”. Similarly, Verily (Alphabet’s health-tech company) has announced a ‘Study Watch’ to be used for medical research. Verily also has its own glucose tracking tech, a contact lens. Really interesting stuff!

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Tesla Truck!

As we wrote last year, part of Elon Musk’s second “Master Plan” for Tesla is small trucks. Now their work on it has come far enough and Elon has tweeted that there will be an unveiling in September. Saying it will be “seriously next level” might be extra bold for marketing purposes but you never know with Mr Musk. Nonetheless this move most definitely also has to do with scale. Without complete breakthroughs on battery technology EVs will be all about scale, which is the reason Tesla build the gigafactory in the first place. More sales of EVs means lower cost per battery, a vital enabler for Tesla’s next phase (including the Model 3).

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Connected bandages

“Swansea University is planning trials of smart, 3D-printed bandages that will use 5G wireless data and nano-sized sensors to constantly relay details about your health.” That sentence was too good to not copy (thank you Engadget), how futuristic and sci-fi doesn’t it sound?? However, the trials are due within 12 months. Researchers hope this technology can make treatment more effective as you would only treat wounds that actually need treatment, and only remove bandages that need to be removed.

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