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Disruption in data analytics

Welcome to the era of low-cost predictions. Amazon has just introduced its own tools for data analysis and predictions, applicable for technology development, finance, bioscience or pretty much anything else that is getting counted and stored online these days. In other words, almost everything.
Priced at a very low cost this offering is likely to mainstream prediction and severely challenge companies like IBM and SAS Institute. Google, Microsoft and other tech giants are also setting up their tools for analysis and prediction services. Expect planning, recommendations, assessments, prediction, analysis etc. to become a whole lot faster and cheaper!

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Amazon home services, more of “platform economics”

Previous disruption feeds have approached the theme of how platform economics or shared economy is becoming more apparent with Airbnb and UBER as the two front figures. Now Google and Amazon are moving into the game as well. Amazon announced Amazon Home Services, providing consumers with a list of vetted and insured professionals to do things like mounting a new television. This is a big strategic step for Amazon, opening up the possibility of selling services brings them closer to being the online channel for basically anything. For Google it is a chance to move beyond the advertising dollar and become part of the transaction itself.

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Share data for discounts on your insurance

We’re all, consciously or not, sharing data online. Previous feeds have discussed the telco operators’ move to offer discounts for shared data. More industries are joining in on this trend of becoming data driven and insurance seems to be next. John Hancock will become the first life insurance company in America to introduce a program that tracks policyholders’ medical data and offer discounts for healthful behavior. Big changes can expect to be seen in insurance, will this type of data sharing become standard behavior?

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Global warming? Definitely in California

When talking disruption we are often focusing on technology or new/different ways of approaching a customer. But our planet and atmosphere may be threatened by other forces that we have yet to bring up on the feed.
During the last three years California has seen such a spike of heat that it has gone from an initial “record warm month” to a stack of constantly rising peaks leading to the worst drought ever.
The UN climate organization IPCC, The International Panel on Climate Change, forecasts global temperatures to rise anywhere from 2.5 to 10 degrees over the next century, depending largely on how quickly humans reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It doesn’t sound like much but the effects could be catastrophic on a global scale.
Businesses have already been affected and in California governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order this month for the first mandatory statewide water restrictions in U.S. history.

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More tech giants going for healthcare!

In August, following in the footsteps of Apple and Google, Amazon met with FDA officials generating a bit of buzz. Now, healthcare experts expect Amazon to make the move this year, most likely not “full-on” with medical products initially, but soon. Such a launch is sure to be disruptive to the entire industry, especially pharmacies!
Now IBM are for the first time targeting their AI technology Watson towards an industry, namely healthcare. In collaboration with other companies, both in healthcare and tech, IBM intend to tap large amounts of health data from various sources and deliver tailored analyses to hospitals, physicians, researchers, insurers and patients. Watson will be the “brain” for Apples HealthKit services, introduced in hospitals soon, collecting medical data from the users’ phones, watches etc. We can be certain disruption is coming but when is the tipping point?!

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Great progress in 3D-printing
Joseph De Simone, CEO of the 3D-printing company Carbon3D, recently delivered a great Ted Talk on the recent progress in the field of 3D-printing. Inspired by the terminator-movies his research team has come up with a new 3D-printing technique that increases the printing speed by 25-100 times, and possibilities of much higher numbers. The technique is also promising in terms of quality, as these printed materials have a very high strength-to-weight ratio.
This technique opens up the door to manufacturing improvements in almost any industrial field such as digital manufacturing, personalized medicine, point of service manufacturing, micro-fabrication, just to mention a few. De Simone promises Commercial quality parts at game changing speeds – a potential that can become a disruptive force in many places!

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Apple Watch revolutionizing interaction with our connected devices?

As the Internet of Things becomes a reality most of the products we use will be connected. In order to be controlled by us humans, all of these connected devices need a physical interface. As the products already have the ability to communicate with other machines, why not control them all with one gadget especially designed for this purpose?
Andrew Uerkwitz from Oppenheimer has analyzed the potential of Apple Watch and believes that Apple’s know-how in human interface design and user experience might make the watch a major success in the next five years. He further states that “the watch will revolutionize the way we interact with objects around us”. A standard interface for all connected devices would be a game changer!

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