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Disney Invests $1 Billion in Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been a hot topic ever since Apple revealed their plans of their new watch. It is unsure what the future holds for wearable technology but one interesting example of it is the new $1 billion ID-system developed by Disney for their Orlando theme park. All guests are equipped with a wristband used for entering the rides, pay for popcorn, guide waiters to the right table at the restaurants etc. The system enables a smooth experience for the visitors and in the same time provides Disney with a lot of information about their customers’ behavior, enabling Disney to further optimize its business. What are the possibilities for other companies to use wearable technology to make their customers happier and in the same time collecting valuable information about their behavior?

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New Technology Enables New Ways of Working

A new communication service, Slack, aims to change the way we communicate within organizations. Instead of private e-mails, slack is by default an open communication platform where employees can send messages between each other that everyone can read. As organizations become flatter and more transparent the need for new means of communication increases. How will this affect established email providers such as google, Microsoft etc. and how will people adapt to this new open communication?

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Technology Driven Disruption in The Insurance Industry

The traditional metrics used by insurers to determine a client’s insurance premium such as age, sex, address etc. are blunt tools for assessing the risk of the client filing a claim. New technology enables the insurers to monitor the actual behavior of the clients and give discounts to low risk clients. Car insurers have started to monitor their clients’ traffic behavior, health insurers have started to monitor their clients’ physical activity and researchers have started to use big data analytics on potential clients’ Facebook activities in order to gauge the premium. Apart from determining the premium from the client’s behavior, there is also a trend towards actively reducing the dangers for high-risk clients. As the risk pool for home and car insurance could shrink as much as $109 billion, there is a lot at stake. How much surveillance are the clients willing to accept in the hunt for lower premium and who will be the winner when the rules of the game change? How do we redefine a business model that is based on the risk of many carrying the cost of the individual in a new technological age?

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Profitable Micro Credits at the Bottom of The Pyramid

Root Capital is the name of a privately held company aiming to help the world’s many poor farmers by lending them money and providing business advice. The micro financing market is estimated to be worth $22 billion and there are very few private actors. According to Roots, they only experience a 3% bad loan rate and more than half of the borrowers increase their income with 20% or more which makes it a true win-win. Whether it is possible to profit at the bottom of the pyramid has been up for discussion a lot the last decade and this is a good example in favor of the advocates.

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Google vs Telco

In reference to earlier feeds we have seen a clear threat from Google and other IT giants towards telcoes. Similarly we have read about telcoes expanding their businesses and pushing towards ICT rather than just the ‘C’.

Now Google are in the works for launching an integrated VPN (Virtual private network) which is a key offering for simpler ICT services. It will strongly enable Googles ventures in to a wireless offering AND threaten telco on their new front towards IT services.

A quick analysis uncovers an interesting trend. As big companies and MNCs used to focus on vertical integration to expand their business, today’s internet giants are utilizing their technological advantage as a foundation for surrounding business models. This helps strengthen their ecosystem and they can keep focusing on their core.

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