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Arizona taking the lead in autonomous vehicles

The governor of Arizona recently signed an executive order to allow self-driving cars to operate in state, without having a safety driver behind the wheel. The decision was motivated as follows “As technology advances, our policies and priorities must adapt to remain competitive in today’s economy”. We can conclude that the regulations that prevents a disruption within transportation to happen are about to be removed or changed. Further, it was announced this week that Uber is now operating their self-driving trucks on the highways of Arizona, shipping cargo to customers through their on demand cargo shipping app.

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The gig economy enters white collar territory

The gig economy has seen a huge increase in recent years thanks to platforms like Uber, which has disrupted the taxi industry, and Taskrabbit where freelancers are connected to simpler work tasks. Similar platforms are now appearing, but now focused on white collar services. One of those platforms is Paro, which allows companies to hire financial professionals as individual contractors to perform financial tasks on a part-time basis, letting companies only pay for the services they need. How will this impact consulting based services?

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