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Whatever your field of business, it is an imperative strategic advantage to have the best talents working as one, committed to a purpose and fully engaged. At Cordial we acknowledge that All business is human, which means that all businesses have their own characteristic and working mechanisms (call it “culture”, if you like) and that it is only individuals that can make strategies and visions come alive. This thought permeates everything we do and is at the very core of Cordial’s promise: to empower business transformation.

We do not choose which talents that work at Cordial any more than they choose to work with us. The individual has a responsibility to find out what he or she finds meaningful, what drives his or her engagement and what strengths the individual has (and can leverage) by developing a self-awareness. The personal integrity that comes with such self-awareness helps the individual make conscious decisions and pursue his or her professional and private life journey.

It is the management’s responsibility to:

  • Clearly describe the company’s vision, thought trajectory and potential so that the individual can make a conscious decision to be part of the journey
  • Create the best possible environment for the individual, team and organization so that they can unleash their potential and perform at their best

At Cordial we are convinced that a key component in development, whether it is on an individual, team or organizational level, or from a physical or psychological perspective, is to raise consciousness of functional and non-functional patterns. All patterns, such as biomechanical (movement) and behavioral patterns including thoughts and feelings, can be made conscious and altered. By focusing on strengthening the functional patterns, be it physical or psychological, an individual or team can reinforce and leverage strengths. The same process of conscious focusing can also help eliminate non-functional patterns by altering or deleting them.

We do not aim to add new theory on the consciousness theme. We rather seek to use it in a practical sense that aids our understanding of what we need to develop and pursue to realize our dreams, ambitions and goals. Consciousness about who you are and where you are going is a prerequisite for knowing what you as an individual can and should claim responsibility for, and therefore we need to embrace it both as professionals and in our private life. This is not a quick fix but something that requires commitment and discipline to put down the hours of practice that in the end translates into progress.

As a step in that direction we have committed to developing a rewarding and challenging course that will help you become a more conscious leader. The course combines exceptional skiing experiences with theoretical insights, and most importantly; practical training in a complex environment that gives you direct feedback. We believe that passion for an activity and the feeling of sharing exceptional experiences with people you like is a great setting to get out of your comfort zone and progress. That is why we move our leadership course out into an exceptional arena such as the Alps and engage in activities that light our passion, enabling exceptional experiences and challenges that we can leverage to develop ourselves. Who said a conference room is the optimal environment for exploring your leadership abilities in the first place?

If you are interested in the course or want to continue the above discussion on leadership development, please contact Alexander Novella or Viktor Häggander.

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