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Google makes big AI advancement
The ancient Chinese game of Go is extremely complex, the called “search space” (basically possible plays) numbers in Go are so big that they are larger than the amount of atoms in the universe! So you can imagine that the task of building a program that can master the game is quite hard, and to date computers have only been able to beat amateurs. Now, a Google AI team has been able to master the game and beat professional players, a feat most expert thought would take another 10 years.

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Flat Rate Air Travel – Will it Fly?
OneGo is the name of a startup offering unlimited air travel in the U.S. for a fixed fee. The service is available at several different price levels and is paid on a monthly basis and is renewed until the user cancels the subscription. OneGo partners with seven of the largest U.S. airlines and trips will be available from 76 airports. The flat rate revenue model has certainly worked well for other industries – including public transport and telco – so why wouldn’t it work for air travel? We have seen a clear trend towards on-demand pricing, will some industries now go in the other direction?
n another airline note, EasyJet announced plans for a hybrid airplane, with a hydrogen fuel cell and energy absorbing breaks (like most electric cars have). Lowering costs AND environmental impact!

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Microsoft is relying on cloud computing to grow
Last week Microsoft announced that their revenue and profit fell in the last quarter, still, the stock increased 5%. The reason: numbers also revealed that Microsoft’s cloud business keeps growing at a steady pace. The company’s CEO Satya Nadella has put the cloud computing in the center of the business and the strategy has helped Microsoft shares grow by more than 28% during last year, while rivals like Oracle, IBM and Apple are down by double digits. Experts and analysts now say that Microsoft is second biggest in the attractive cloud services market – after Amazon (ahead of IBM and Google). Interesting that the company who once wanted to put a PC in every home is now aiming to move all data into the cloud instead!

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