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5G is here 2017! Hyperloop is progressing and autonomous cars face social challenges. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

5G is here!

It’s definitely the early days (meaning most of us won’t notice) but the first networks running 5G technology will roll out this year. AT&T are rolling out in two cities in the US this year, Austin and Indianapolis. They are already promising 400 Mbps in the first phase. That’s most likely faster than your home network!

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Hyperloop progressing!

We wrote about Hyperloop last year and how Elon in an angry movement came up with the idea. Today Hyperloop has not much to do with his companies. It is an idea and in fact many other companies sown patents and are pursuing the technology. However, SpaceX has committed to holding competitions for universities to ensure progression. Last week the first Hyperloop pods were tested in such a competition. And though only a few teams had good enough pods a spokesman from SpaceX said it was “is an absolute feat. When we first did this, we didn’t know if anyone would get in this tube.” This summer SpaceX will hold another competition. Focus next time: Maximum SPEED! With original promises like LA to San Fran in as little as 30 minutes, let’s hope they progress fast and can implement soon!!

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Autonomous cars, Social challenges

Today there are many interactions between a driver of a car and pedestrians on the street. How will those subtle and social interactions work with autonomous cars? Great post on the topic from Rodney Brooks at MIT. He envisions things like people jumping out of their car at a Starbucks, perhaps having the car browse around, perhaps blocking others, but knowing (or hoping) that the car will solve potential problems. Families with two cars might use one of their autonomous car to block parking spots for hours or days when they know they will need the spot. For instance at a grocery store on black Friday or a sports stadium holding a big concert.

Rumors of kids in Silicon Valley already say that teenage kids amuse themselves with trapping Google’s test cars. This is sure to become a problem, because pedestrians and human drivers WILL bully autonomous cars. That’s simply a fact. Volvo has even gone so far that none of their first autonomous cars will not look any different than normal models in order to avoid the issue as much as possible.

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