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Shell continues to invest in EV infrastructure 

In a previous feed, we wrote about Shells procurement of NewMotion, a Netherlands-based company that owns 30,000 electric-vehicle charging points across Western Europe. Shell now takes the next step through the construction of 80 high-power EV charging stations across Europe. For EV:s that can handle a 350 kW charging rate, the high-power stations will be able to charge them in just five to eight minutes.

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Fly a plane just by using your mind!

Researchers at Honeywell Aerospace has built and now testeda brain-computer interface into an airplane which makes it possible to control the steering of the plane through thoughts. Just attach some electrons onto your head, look at an upward arrow and the plane will obey orders and start rising. The technique is still in an early phase and is still very basic, however, it has now been proven to work which takes us one step closer in becoming star wars Jedi’s.

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