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E-retail is changing everything about retail, Fiat Chrysler teams up with Amazon to sell cars online and is Capacitors our next gen batteries? Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

E-retail is changing everything about retail

Britain, 65m people are crammed into an area the size of Oregon. That is proving to be a perfect seeding ground for online retail. Britons do more of their shopping online than almost anyone else, and as the rapid growth continues it is changing the retail game and supporting services. The number of packages dispatched around the country rose by 13% in just the first nine months of this year. Strategically situated warehouses are becoming a strong competitive factor as expectations on delivery increase. Additionally, while a lobby group estimates that there is now a shortage of 45,000 truck drivers (obviously increasing costs) the industry is hoping that driverless on day can change that. And this is just the beginning of the online shopping revolution. There will be plenty more surprises, and many of them will come to Britain’s click-happy consumers first.

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Italians can buy cars with one click

Awaiting the breakthrough for self-driving cars, another potentially reshaping step have been taken in the automotive industry. According to Reuters, the e-commerce giant Amazon will start selling Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s (FCA) cars in their online store. Initially, the cars will only be available online on the Italian market. The delivery time for a Fiat from Amazon will be two weeks, and after completing the purchase the customers will be contacted by Amazon to decide on a car dealer for pick-up. FCA say that the idea is to give their customers a more comfortable, efficient and transparent means of buying a new car.

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Capacitors, our next gen batteries?

Scientists from the University of Central Florida have created a “proof of concept”, for a supercapacitor battery that charges in a fraction of the time and last 20 times longer than conventional batteries. We’ve seen a lot of research on batteries lately and while it could go nowhere like many other battery developments, it’s worth looking at new supercapacitor research closely. If commercialized, it could allow for longer-range EVs that can be charged in minutes rather than hours, long-lasting (non-explosive) smartphones that can be charged in seconds and grid or home energy storage solutions that drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

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