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So (to us) the wrong presidential candidate won while campaigning, he abused women, the disabled, Hispanics and foreigners and the past days have been spent in a half vegetative state, but now what??

Yes there will be economic turbulence and interest rates are likely to stay low a bit longer, BUT both S&P500 and Dow Jones actually went UP! So much is yet too uncertain on the economic side (read more in a great analysis by the Economist), but there’s a lot of other things to be scared of for Americans, especially minorities. Mr. Trump wants to “walk back the 18-month-old decision allowing gays and lesbians to wed and “automatically” overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 ruling recognizing a right to abortion choice.” Trump intends to do so by, in a very non-democratic way, nominating very conservative justices for the Supreme Court. . Let’s hope this is one of those areas where Mr. Trump changes his mind about things or that none of the names that he has announced (unlike any other candidate) actually become nominees.

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Tesla, some hope in this week of despair?

Bill Gates has said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”. What Tesla has done in the past ten years sure strengthens that statement. This sort of, let’s call it, incremental disruption is extra interesting because incumbents often fall behind anyway but that topic is not for this post.

This week Tesla bought Grohmann, a German engineering company, in an effort to scale up their production. As we have written earlier the company is in the middle o a very complicated process of scaling up capacity from ~50k to 500-600k cars per year. This might be one of those incremental, but yet so important, steps in Tesla’s next 10 years of disrupting the Auto industry.

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Order anything with a simple press of a button!

With a smart button, it is possible. The Swedish company Shortcut Labs has created an innovative smart button called Flic. It can work as a shortcut to anyone’s favorite mobile functions. The user decides what the button should trigger when pressed once or twice, it could be anything from ordering your favorite pizza or play your favorite playlist on Spotify. Seemingly many people find the smart button appealing, Shortcut Labs has had great success and recently sealed a deal with the American electrical chain Best Buy.

Best Buy in this case is however grasping after the disrupter/leader, Amazon, who released their Dash button (a similar product) over a year ago. Amazon say they are seeing huge growth (~5 times) in orders through Dash.

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