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Ikea enters ‘Gig Economy’, Airbus going for the TaaS economy and online shopping add AR-technology. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Ikea integrating vertically?

Ikea is acquiring TaskRabbit, an on-demand services company that connects customers with “taskers” (workers) to help them in their home. “We are entering the on-demand, sharing economy” as Jesper Brodin, the CEO of IKEA Group, put it. Model: Let someone build a complementing business to your value chain and acquire when it gets good enough. But the question is, how does this fit in to the Ikea culture and value proposition..? Ikea doesn’t leave quality to chance (at least for the money) while TaskRabbit has 60000 “taskers” that they can’t really control…

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Airbus going for the TaaS economy

The “Transportation as a Service” offering does not only have to be based on a fleet of cars. Airbus is developing a drone solution that would be able to autonomously take up to four passengers on short flights in dense urban areas. The initial aim is to connect major transportation hubs including train stations and airports. Flying cars really are getting closer to reality!

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Online shopping = AR?

Topology Eyewear are using AR-technology to allow their customer to see what they would look like in a variety of frame styles and colors using AR directly in their phone. You can even customize the shape of your glasses directly after the shape of your face through an ear-to-ear 3D scan of your face. As mentioned earlier on the feed Ikea is also utilizing AR to answer questions like: “Can I really squeeze in that 7-foot-long rug?” In the future retail without AR will be like going to a cinema without sound.

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