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Biggest doesn’t always mean most powerful

Google’s faithful servant search engine has long been the biggest on the market and still is the foundation of the company. However, staying the biggest comes at a price. Apparently Google paid Apple over a billion dollars last year just to keep it’s search bar in the iPhone. The revenue-sharing agreement reveals the lengths Google must go to keep people using its search tool on mobile devices!

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Uber move in closer on delivered food services

For some time Uber have been offering UberEATS in certain cities – a feature that allows customers to order lunch from local restaurants and have it delivered via rides on the platform. Until December last year it was integrated into the original Uber app, but during the last two months a test has been made in Toronto, Canada, where the service has been offered on a separate platform.

Apparently the results have been promising, because last week Uber announced that they are launching the app in nine big U.S. cities, and it is going to be available on both iOS and Android by the end of March. Is this something they can offer on a global scale??

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Don’t go connecting your house just yet…

Shodan, a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT), recently launched a new section that lets users easily browse vulnerable webcams. This practically means if you recently bought a baby monitor camera and didn’t double check the security, ANYONE can log in and watch you baby sleep…
IoT may bring a load of benefits to us all but it sure seems security is still way too big of an issue.

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Commercial drone racing – Will it fly?

E-sport is already big business and the industry generated more than $700 million in 2015. This is the motivation for the Drone Racing League, a startup aiming to commercialize drone racing via live-streamed videos online. The viewer will be able to watch on their laptop, smartphone or VR-goggles experiencing the race from the pilot’s seat. If the idea flies it will most likely become a testing ground for drone technology that can be transferred to the commercial drone industry in the same way F1 technology finds its way into the everyday car.

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