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Autonomous cars are just around the corner

Last year we had a lot of news about self-driving cars and now they are basically out there, if only for certain freeway driving. This year more features will be launched and recently Tesla’s Elon Musk tweeted that by 2018 their summon feature could work from coast to coast. Basically, you could ask your car to drive (by itself) from LA to NY…!!!

Ford has also announced that they are testing fully autonomous cars in snow environments, eventually making the feature much more useful. Especially for us who live in the Nordics. Working in conjunction with the vehicle’s traction control, drivetrain and breaking system, a car that can get through a blizzard, without sliding off the road, would be a welcome addition to anywhere that enjoys winter wonderlands.

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Amazon goes airborne

We have all heard about Amazon’s delivery drones, and recent news has shown they are likely to become a reality relatively soon. However, Amazon are reportedly also in negotiations to go airborne with real jumbo jets, in a move to counter badly performing delivery services from UPS and other third parties. An interesting move that could definitely go both ways. Typically it is more common to outsource non-core parts of your business but Amazon has historically been good at pinpointing what consumers want, and that sure isn’t slow deliveries.

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Uber outcompeting Indian restaurants…?

Curry houses (Indian restaurant) are a common and appreciated sight across most parts of the UK. Once often filled with people and long lines, many of them struggle today because of rising staff costs. Partly due to stricter regulations and lower will to continue the family business – but apparently also Uber. People prefer to drive rather than work as cooks…talk about ripples on water that Uber wasn’t counting on.

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