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Thou shall not…

Thou shall not make faulty airbags or Thou will fall! Takata, the Japanese corporation at the heart of the auto industry’s largest ever product recall, has now filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  Due to poor standards in production many of the company’s airbags have been faulty. The scandal forced a worldwide recall of more than 40 million vehicles and several deaths have been linked to the issue. Just don’t…

On a similar thou shall not note, the EU is fining Google over $2,7 billion and is ordering the company to start treating rival comparison-shopping services equally in its search results.

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More ransomware

A new global ransomware is spreading out there, not long after we reported on the virus WannaCry. This week’s attack has hit more than 80 companies in Russia and Ukraine including several banks. Additionally the Central bank of Ukraine has been attacked and global companies Maersk and WPP claim central systems are down and users not able to access or make bookings. The effects of the attack are yet to be quantified but given that the true cost of down time for large companies can exceed $10,000 per minute it is sure to be massive!

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Real news or fake news?

Reuters has released a great global report on the news industry, lots of interesting developments! Social as a news channel is obviously growing but also messaging apps have started to gain in importance for accessing news. In fact Whatsapp is used by 15% percent of the surveyed for news, that’s more than Twitter and LinkedIn. (Remember this is global research.) Fake news is of course also a topic and has in general decreased trust, but also increased importance of real journalism. Now that is definitely something we are happy to hear, more GOOD journalism! Also here in Sweden, mobile advertising revenues have increased by 45% the last two years!

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