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Wireless power…!!!!

Nikola Tesla experimented with wireless power in the late 1800s and today it’s something we see in science-fiction (and short distance in some smartphones and your Oral-B toothbrush). uBeam, a Silicon Valley startup, now claim they are closing in on a product that can charge multiple devices within a range of four meters. That’s a huge step from what has been accomplished before and especially if they can do it affordably! Apparently two other companies are also racing to release a product – who knows, maybe we will be rid of that daily low-battery warning in a few years and one can just imagine other potential application areas!
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Snapchat usage has tripled, in six months!

Things change fast online and in social media. Snapchat’s video viewing has tripled in just six months, now amounting to over six billion views every day. Compare that to Facebook who has about eight billion… The big questions is if all this viewing is cannibalizing on other social networks, other media or if it is just added usage?!
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Uber-Like platform for ordering drinks

Some bars and restaurant have already developed their own apps for ordering food and drinks. But who wants to have one app for each bar? A startup called Orderella has developed such an app, which any bar can connect to. This gives their customers the possibility to order drinks via their phones through a common interface, regardless of the bar. The company claims that venues using their app has increased sales by 11 percent and that it’s possible to save the staff 90 seconds per order. How will this affect the status of the bartender? Will they react the same way taxi drivers did when Uber arrived or will it be seen as an enabler that gives them time to mix the perfect cocktail?
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Blackberry brings back the slider-phone

Blackberry, the once powerful cellphone producer, is, once again, trying to challenge the dominants of the smartphone world with a new device. With Apple’s iPhone setting the standard for how a smartphone should look and feel, Blackberry’s new phone Priv may be the only device to cause disruption in the industry. The 5.4-inch Android based slider-smartphone (yes the slider is back), has a focus on security which at least used to be Blackberry’s edge. Whether this will lead to a multi-million unit shopping spree or the demise of the slider smartphone concept remains to be seen.
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