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BlaBlaCar – an AirBnB for transport

Uber’s ride-sharing service, called Uber Pop, has met a lot of resistance due to its clear threat against the taxi industry. As one of Europe’s hottest and most valuable start-ups, BlaBlaCar offers long distance ride sharing as an alternative to owning an own car, taking the train or using domestic airlines. This is a whole different service than the one offered by the taxi companies and is therefore not seen as a threat. With an average 10% cut on the transactions BlaBlaCar has the potential to earn a lot of money by simply connecting travelers to each other, just like AirBnB.

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Nissan concept brings self-driving closer

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, has been pushing the company towards development in the fields of electric and self-driving vehicles, and actually quite successfully with the Nissan leaf outselling competition. A recently announced concept car also demonstrates what self-driving may really look like in the future. Restaurant tips, a tablet instead of steering wheel, chairs that turn a bit towards passengers. It is clear that the whole auto industry is mobilizing towards an interesting future! Can’t wait to see what Apple and Uber have in store for us!

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Amazon Echo expands to food delivery

The home assistant speaker Echo, from Amazon, that we have previously written about has now expanded its reach through Yelp. Yelp, the restaurant review app, connects to the Echo and lets you ask about the best Chinese food or order a pizza. These gadgets are starting to get really handy, when can I integrate Echo in all my gadgets??!

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Disney enters the online on-demand video market

Next month will see the debut of Disney’s first standalone streaming service as they’re introducing DisneyLife in the U.K. in an attempt to reach viewers outside of the traditional cable TV package. The service will be available on all media, including computers, mobile and tablet devices. The move is an adjustment to a shift in consumer viewing where online on-demand TV is increasing rapidly. Considering that Disney is the world’s largest entertainment company it took a surprisingly long time for them to create their own platform – but better late than never, right?

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