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Google’s aggressive move to steal customers from Microsoft

Google is aggressively pursuing potential customers to switch from Microsoft-based solutions to Google’s own office applications, for example including the web-based spreadsheet.

Google is both waiving the cost of its suite of Web Services for as long as three years and will help pay for the transition in exchange for a one-year sign up of its apps services. This is in line with the company’s tactics of offering web-based subscriptions rather than contracts for programs installed on computer hardware which is aimed at increasing the customers’ flexibility. Microsoft is however still dominating the market for business productivity software, with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud product as the most commonly used application.

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A DSLR in your phone?

A startup claims they have cracked the code for DSLR type quality in a much smaller device (the size of a large smart phone). By combining 16 different lenses in one they are able to create high-quality zoom images with up to 52 megapixels. Truly a disruptive invention that might take give the camera industry yet another disruption. Once again it is NOT the Kodaks or the Canons coming up with the new tech!

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Make the big bucks? Scream on Youtube.

Swedish Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie, is a YouTube star. And not just any star – he is the top earning star. For playing video games with commentary and basically screaming while playing Felix pulled in over $12 million in the year ending June 1st 2015. That’s a lot more than most top level CEOs!

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Download autonomous capabilities to your car

Tesla has released a new software update for hands and pedal free high speed driving available to customers for $ 2,500. The software uses already installed hardware, which can see the road lanes and other vehicles and therefore keep the car on the road without any involvement from the driver. Tesla Model S has a lot of hardware installed that is not being used to its full potential and we might see more updates soon. Tesla has already released their patents and source code with hopes of releasing the force of the open source community. Is the plan to be the leading vehicle platform used by software developers to release their brilliant software on?

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