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Solar glitter, future of solar?

Small, lightweight, flexible: these attributes when applied to solar cells hint at a far-off clean-powered future to come. It might already be here! Sandia National Laboratories, are developing a “solar glitter” that can be printed onto an inexpensive and flexible material. “The key limitation to silicon is that if you bend and flex it, it will crack and shatter. Our technology makes it virtually unbreakable while keeping all the benefits of high efficiency, high reliability silicon PV” Surely exiting times for the future of Energy!!

On a related note Toshiba recently announced a write of more than $6 billion due to bad investments in nuclear energy…

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Natural Cycles is the world´s first approved birth control app

Natural cycles is an app used to track fertility using algorithms. Women measure their body temperature every morning and an algorithm developed uniquely for the app determines whether she is fertile or not that day. In order to know if she should have protected sex or not.

In 2015, the app Natural Cycles was not allowed to market itself as a birth control app after a review by the FDA. The start-up had to call it a fertility app instead and started focusing on doing research to prove its functionality. Last spring the first research report was released and it showed that the app’s method is nearly as safe as the birth control pill. Now comes even more positive news for the company, when the German Institute TÜV SÜD gives the app a European certification as a medical tool. This makes it possible to market the app as a way to avoid pregnancy.

Truly a step towards a more digital healthcare and proof that sometimes technology is an excellent replacement for drugs.

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