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Statoil is building the largest floating wind farm on earth

This year the construction of the world’s largetst floating windfarm will start off the Scottish west coast. The farm will run five turbines that together will be able to power up to 20 000 homes.

What’s interesting is that Statoil, the big Norwegian oil company, is building it. Their share price is down almost 50% since 2014 and this project shows a clear strategy to increase focus on renewables. Change or be disrupted!

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AI bad for Apple?

Great reflection from a programming blog on Google’s vs Apple’s positioning in AI. Google is investing heavily in AI and recently launched a new eco system that basically connects the whole range of AI functionality, from Android to your home. They even built a new processor, just for AI.

Apple on the other hand has not invested much in AI and big-data services and if the landscape changes they may very well find themselves in a position where what they’re able to do, despite being very good at it, won’t be enough anymore and they won’t be able to catch up.

The author argues that Apple need to become a big-data-services company. Their big-data AI services need to be far better, smarter, and more reliable than they are. Perhaps Apple’s future success will rely on the potential release of a car?

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Instant Apps – deep linking

On the Google I/O conference that was held this past week an interesting new Android feature called Instant Apps was released – and this could really be a big deal. By using deep links, an app that you don’t have will immediately be downloaded from the app store and start running. This lets people experience an app seamlessly without bouncing out to the app store and opening up huge new opportunities for engagement (and advertising of course). We mentioned deep linking before and how it could be the end of the app era, this might just be the start of it. Again, where is Apple positioned on this?

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