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Even though some researchers argue that the pace of radical innovation is slowing down one can safely proclaim that the tempo with which innovation is steaming full throttle into the unknown is still way fast. It’s not easy to keep up to date on what hot, new technologies are launching or which industries that are undergoing big change. This is why we will keep track of that for you!

Starting today, the business model blog is introducing the Weekly Disruption Feed – a shortlist of the most important disruptive happenings that has occured during the last week!

Big data and overfishing?

Overfishing is reaching catastrophic levels, stocks of predatory species, such as tuna and swordfish, may have fallen by 90% since the 1950s. At the same time about 3 billion people get a fifth or more of their protein from fish, which means globally we eat more fish than beef.

Somewhere around 20% of fish are caught illegally and there has been no feasible way of catching the wrong doers till now. From sources such as radio transponders and satellite observations it is possible through big data to synthesize information, in order to track every ocean-going vessel that is, or might be, a fishing boat. Analysis can even show suspicious behavior, so watch out overfishers, disruptive technology is coming your way!

Will Button solve the deep-linking between apps issue?

Because the mobile app world is so very fragmented it makes interactions between apps much more difficult than on traditional online channels. A new start up now claims they might crack the code, and solve the issue of deep-linking between apps by pinpointing the “moment of intent”. The issue is however strongly linked to creating partnerships and basically connecting apps together, and creating a big network of apps will be key. The race is on!

Telcos next up for disruption!

Google is gathering strength and allies to take a larger part of the connected value chain, merely the connection itself. In a recent billion dollar deal they invested in SpaceX, an Elon Musk company destined to revolutionize space technology, who have recently announced a project to connect the world to the internet through a big fleet of micro satellites. This could give Google the future potential to provide wireless internet access worldwide.

Also, they are partnering with existing network companies to offer their own services on their networks and investing billions in Google Fiber, their own fiber network in the USA.

However, internet via satellite is nothing new and it has @yet to be proven that lots of little satellites can provide Internet more cheaply than a handful of big one”. Other threats, like softSIMs are perhaps closer to telco disruption, from the customer side rather than the network?

Big data, big disruption? Or are Silicon Valley investors losing their minds?

An article from The Times explains the recent investments in Silicon Valley, where internet and tech giants are investing in a wide range of technologies, often in multi million or billion dollar deals.

Big data and the ‘internet of things, are basically just getting started is the substance of the article. Taking computation to a global scale will touch all industries in ways we are yet to fathom, there are immense possibilities for innovation and capitalization of new market potentials, the giants are simply making sure they capture as much as they can.

Cheap and cheerful!

The Economist has published a great article on frugal innovation, which basically means innovating an existing product by simplifying and reducing cost drastically. The ‘force’ of frugal innovation has suffered some setbacks and is not always successful in meeting market demand but it has provided many poor with technologies and luxuries previously not accessible.

Frugal innovation has not only continuing to advance in the emerging world, many multinationals are now using it in crowd-sourcing ideas, updating product lines, targeting low income customers in developed economies etc. A lot of innovation is coming, and will come, from a frugal origin and many of them are sure to disrupt technologies and markets!

Read full article here.

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