• The business model ecosystem around video streaming is getting new twists all the time #MTBS https://t.co/ZqJVs47EoK via ⁦ @nytimes ⁩ 9 hours ago
  • ”Uberization” of the market for trucking and freight will likely be done by others than Uber #MTBS via  @TheEconomist  https://t.co/OIn2SL9BXk 4 days ago
  • Exploring the business model ecosystem surrounding natural vanilla. I had no idea it was so complex, fascinating, f… https://t.co/MgbzqSptZi 6 days ago
  • Electric flying taxis ... now that could be interestingly disruptive! #MTBS https://t.co/vpB8YzzXge 6 days ago
  • When business models collide: Google and Amazon are developing considerable overlap #MTBS https://t.co/1upwDa9C1U via ⁦ @nytimes ⁩ 1 week ago

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