• Paramount: a movie studio going the way of downtown shopping centers in the age of eCommerce #MTBS via  @NYTimes  https://t.co/hq1HiJX8Aq 1 day ago
  • Asia’s mash-up super platform: one app, many business models... nothing even close to it in the ”west” yet #MTBS https://t.co/2wrHnK9vqi 3 days ago
  • Gillette makes a bold statement to its core male customer segment #MTBS via  @NYTimes  https://t.co/4JI6oLeCXF 3 days ago
  • Netflix bravely continues to increase the pressure on its cash hungry business model and avoid advertising revenues… https://t.co/lfoaJTM4xE 3 days ago
  • PayPal: a great story of talent, timing and ... luck ... to find a business model that sticks and scales #MTBS https://t.co/rgRJZeQNLv 2 weeks ago

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