• In a move to rival old Henry himself, Ford goes ”all in” with investments in electric vehicle and battery manufactu… https://t.co/LLAtIpx5uw 7 hours ago
  • Philip Morris (Marlboro…) buying Vectura (inhalers that combat respiratory diseases) must be the most bizarre examp… https://t.co/ETbHLuBBab 3 days ago
  • The music streaming business model comes of age, and catalogues/rights owners are all the rage (again) #MTBS from ⁦… https://t.co/pLaTNFqGOo 3 days ago
  • China is becoming a giant business model disruption lab with the government acting as the disruptor-in-chief. Inter… https://t.co/ELAsu0mHrO 3 days ago
  • IMEC: the neutral Belgian business model at heart of the global “chip” ecosystem. Fascinating #MTBS https://t.co/YLtYBrjE3v 4 days ago

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