• Norwegian Air ditches its brave attempt at low-cost-airline business model applied to longhaul traffic. That challe… https://t.co/D5oGV51JUF 5 days ago
  • The creator of the world wide web is trying to build a business model that will give individuals control and owners… https://t.co/D0zuptLmsD 1 week ago
  • Like it or not, the transition to electric cars involves government. My home country Norway is shooting the moon on… https://t.co/ldBIoERUQT 2 weeks ago
  • Major bets ate being placed on market position in the podcast universe, but the business model challenge is signifi… https://t.co/qo0elW1foS 2 weeks ago
  • eCommerce got a wild boost from the pandemic, but ”the west” is still way behind Asia in eCom business model innova… https://t.co/Rxw5Rn5OBs 2 weeks ago

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