• As Nvidia eyes Arm, the semiconductor ecosystem is bracing for even more disruption #MTBS via  @TheEconomist  https://t.co/elQA93TFhT 2 days ago
  • Europe’s love affair with MaaS is confronting some unpleasant realities. Business models that look cool on paper ..… https://t.co/jGNRyBvVaI 5 days ago
  • ”Big Oil” faces a watershed moment: move to the future or stick to the past #MTBS https://t.co/27OLcf9sHh 5 days ago
  • The inventor of the supply chain concept reflects on 40 years of refinement and defilement of this seminal, disrupt… https://t.co/4F5Wo9igac 1 week ago
  • Kodak - beyond the grave - a revival in Pharma? #MTBS https://t.co/mF85Jiml08 2 weeks ago

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