• Apple boosts its move into services by building a ”Netflix for news”, but the terms of participation (Apple taking… https://t.co/cqNol1nKrH 19 minutes ago
  • https://t.co/D9zpW0htsX via  @NYTimes  21 minutes ago
  • Instagram becomes a shopping mall with commissions, in-app payments etc. A business model extension waiting to happ… https://t.co/DEzPJkyeM6 1 day ago
  • https://t.co/W18tlVVJ9V via  @NYTimes  1 day ago
  • Disney is shaking up the streaming landscape. Big ”incumbents” don’t need to be victims of new-entrant-disruption (… https://t.co/Y1MRdYv3uz 1 day ago

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