• MoviePass: another hyped but fundamentally idiotic business model bites the dust. It won’t be the last. #MTBS https://t.co/9jNU5JgE2f 2 days ago
  • California passes landmark gig economy workers’ rights bill, a big challenge to many recent business models #MTBS https://t.co/MIRhOODQdN 4 days ago
  • Big moment of truth approaching for Uber, Lyft etc in California. If drivers must be treated as employees, an alrea… https://t.co/qIEuqilpyF 5 days ago
  • Innovative business models around reduction of food waste are proliferating. #MTBS https://t.co/74RZnuQ1mU 5 days ago
  • Will the next business model revolution arrive with AI and Data Science? #MTBS https://t.co/DjNyWI6Yy1 1 week ago

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