• The auto industry is undergoing a stunning reversal of supply chain principles and also building out its software c… https://t.co/6obc0JDJJL 2 weeks ago
  • ”Henry Ford was right”… Vertical integration makes a comeback in the auto industry #MTBS from  @TheEconomist  https://t.co/DXNBPCFJdy 3 weeks ago
  • Fast fashion post-pandemic: manufacturing ”close to home” (Inditex, Shein) may have some big advantages over the ov… https://t.co/yEE9sbHMiG 3 weeks ago
  • Interesting Times: the covid pandemic compressed a decade of digital transformation into a couple of years, and the… https://t.co/4TJvzoPedL 3 weeks ago
  • The ”Abbatars”: a truly wondrous and innovative re-invention of both concert format and business models of live per… https://t.co/KCMfNhJ41a 4 weeks ago

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