• Subscription based business models are nice … until they are not. What is Peloton going to do? #MTBS https://t.co/1uWcUnkCaT 2 days ago
  • Netflix has gone from swimming in a deep blue ocean alone to paddling around in a rather red one. The next phase wi… https://t.co/zZQjEep3Hu 2 days ago
  • Microsoft and Activision: its not about the elusive ”metaverse”, but a play for content to become a ”Netflix of str… https://t.co/yNWUrruEhp 4 days ago
  • Telco’s and others have a lot riding on 5G technology, and if it interferes with airplane security … oops #MTBS via… https://t.co/x70W3Q1jHj 6 days ago
  • TikTok: disruptive innovation out of China. And totally eating Meta & Google’s lunches in terms of engagement. Next… https://t.co/6e0GfO5kcH 1 week ago

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