• Competing in the sportswear industry: Under Armours rise and stumbles is full of lessons on strategy and business m… https://t.co/L56JWfnC8a 2 days ago
  • Surveillance capitalism: perhaps the greatest regulatory and business model challenge of this decade #MTBS… https://t.co/UEedMoCRWE 4 days ago
  • Just when you thought we were done with ludicrous business models funded by (and losing) oceans of cash... Along co… https://t.co/yd0AKxpWPi 2 weeks ago
  • The battle over successful business model portfolios in the revived music industry is heating up and - no surprise… https://t.co/trCESk62Cs 3 weeks ago
  • While the west talks about Tesla, China is preparing a tsunami of electric vehicles and business models that are in… https://t.co/SxdOZkcMVf 3 weeks ago

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