• With Disney launching their streaming service, the ongoing disruption of the media landscape’s traditional business… https://t.co/utKtuR3XYO 2 days ago
  • HP + Xerox ? Combining two companies with sinking business models in order to save costs and try to sink a bit slow… https://t.co/VN11qhOnbi 4 days ago
  • Always fascinating to follow H&M’s business model experimentation with haute couture collaboration #MTBS https://t.co/DbcNCHMBJh 5 days ago
  • Softbanks ”Unicorn business model” of throwing almost unlimited money at shared-economy ideas and hoping to establi… https://t.co/eojtqbR5rI 7 days ago
  • Ikea plays with its business model in fascinating ways these days #MTBS https://t.co/ooyK6pjEKh 2 weeks ago

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