• Ant Group: an amazing IPO of the world’s most fascinating collection of “Fintech” business models #MTBS via ⁦… https://t.co/bZrMhGbBA6 3 days ago
  • It is still very early days, but the notion that individuals should have ownership of their data is gaining ground… https://t.co/nViP7PToXN 6 days ago
  • It will be interessting to see if the antitrust move against Google goes anywhere, or wether by the time it is conc… https://t.co/xrjIw03ETW 6 days ago
  • It’s easy to forget how cleverly Google has built a ”web” of services that keep us hooked up to - and feeding - its… https://t.co/cwKTEtk6TK 1 week ago
  • Interesting regulatory scrutiny of the business model of music streaming in the UK. Premise: artists are not paid e… https://t.co/edxQ3ms3D3 2 weeks ago

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