• European football is staring fearfully at a radical new “superleague” initiative that would seriously disrupt the m… https://t.co/kBuVKKY0xJ 13 hours ago
  • Personal mobility: worldwide experimentation, innovation, trial and error ... are starting to point the way to some… https://t.co/S19CXHcL8P 2 days ago
  • Clubhouse: another social media “Unicorn” with lots of buzz but no revenues to speak of. Will this one fly or floun… https://t.co/8xr11spXQO 1 week ago
  • The business models of China’s wildly successful “big tech” companies are being radically reconfigured and regulate… https://t.co/dZ03s2TOPP 1 week ago
  • Nike makes a quiet but radical overhaul of its traditional retail channel strategy to get closer to their end custo… https://t.co/fBzwabKCOv 2 weeks ago

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