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Focus courses

Strengthen the team with shared knowledge

For those of you who want to deepen your skills in a specific area, our focus training courses are available in 2–4 working days. The focus training courses are ordered by you as a team and help you gain a strong and shared knowledge base, regardless of whether it is in, for example, business models, organizational issues, process development or data-driven business development. We adapt to the size of your team, but usually hold focus training for groups of 5-30 people.

You get a foundation in theory and method with a focus on practical application. Great focus is placed on how the methods in the training can be adapted based on your conditions so that you can apply them in your organization’s development work.

Book us for your company

As a company, you have the opportunity to book one of our focus training courses for the entire organization or for a specific team. Then we start from a set training but tailor it based on your organization. Together, we set the start date and decide whether the training is held in Cordial’s inspiring training facilities at Hötorget or if you prefer that we come out to you.

Business-driven IT development

Create real results from IT development as a Product Owner and Product Manager. Business development is a complex team game, where many roles need to work together to successfully achieve goals. This team game is often so complex that it seems like it is several different sports. In Agile operations, it is the Product Manager and Product Owner who hold development together and bridge the gap between business and IT development.​

In this course, we look at transformations based on these two roles, with a mix of understanding the business’ direction and problems, as well as how to effectively, together with IT-related resources, come up with the right solutions for these.

Business model (re)design

This training is for you who work with business and offer development. You should have an interest in the business model and it is not a disadvantage if you have worked on the business model canvas.

You will strengthen your knowledge of working with the business model as a conceptual tool. Not only in the dimension of single model, but in a number of more complex applications such as portfolio logic, eco-system design and value stream transformation.

Future-proofed organisations

In order to be efficient as a business, how you do things is just as crucial as what you do. No business or business idea outweighs the value of its execution. How you choose to organise yourself, realise an idea, and solve a task that your purpose gives you is absolutely crucial for success.​

In a world where network effects and partnerships are increasingly important for delivering value, understanding how you can organise for transparency and collaboration rather than control and compliance is critical.​

​To attract, develop and retain the people who make your business last beyond tomorrow, you need to ensure that your structures help rather than hinder them in doing their work.

Programme areas

Cordial’s focused learning programmes are based on our areas of practice within advisory services: organisation, digitalisation, business transformation, and strategy and business models. Our philosophy is to only teach what we know and practice in advisory projects, which we know works and can be applied in the real world.


To ensure your business is relevant for both employees and customers, today and tomorrow, you need a modern and effective way of organising. Unleashing the power of an organisation means designing it to help employees collaborate and deliver value to customers, users, and other stakeholders.

Cordial has assisted many customers with training and skill enhancement for key topics in this area, such as agile leadership. We’ve also led broad skill development efforts for things like self-leadership and adaptive organisation. Updated organisational design is also often a major part of larger transformation projects that we organise with our customers. 

The target audiences for learning programmes in this area are usually management groups, as well as employees designated to bring a new organisational design to life. The format and content of each course is adapted depending on either particular purpose. 


Modern business development is largely based on how you can use modern technologies – such as AI, ML, cloud-based services and systems – and their power to deliver better insights to our employees and greater value to your customers. At Cordial, we confidently lean towards business architecture as a craft to realise business improvements that can be found with the help of effective systems and information management. It is often accompanied by major system changes, which either implement a more data-driven development method or realise cost improvements in the current architecture.

This area of focused learning programmes includes customised courses for product owners, solution architects, and similar roles, as well as in partnership with other organisations, including 2c8 and the Swedish Insurance Association. Subjects with which we can assist include successful information architecture, capability-centric architecture, event-driven business transformation, and agile working methods.  

Business transformation

Successfully changing the business model of an operation is a big challenge. It often requires implementing a structured and methodical approach to pull it off. We at Cordial can help you understand how to do that.  

We use examples of initiatives that we carry out together with our customers to highlight methods for strengthening competencies, creating the ideal flow of processes throughout an organisation, planning and managing the development of an initiative, and applying agile techniques to realise new business models. Our customer examples feature a wide range of industries. Companies in everything from energy and manufacturing to banking and finance have worked with Cordial to strengthen their ability to drive business transformations.

We’ve previously created customised focused learning courses on such topics as strategic business requirements, process design, and transformation planning. We also carry out training together with partner organisations, including the Swedish Insurance Association. 

Strategy & business models

Formulating a wise strategy is difficult, but executing it is what determines whether the strategy is successful or not. Cordial has broad experience in supporting and training for what is required to formulate a strategy that is both wise and feasible. One of the tools that our customers often learn to master is the business model. As a conceptual tool, it’s unsurpassed in reducing complexity and offering clarity with what we as a business should do, for whom, and how we should implement it.

Cordial has previously offered customised training for target groups such as business developers and major customer salespeople, product and service developers, but also broader target groups.

A business model is also a brilliant tool for formulating and designing new innovations and how they can be implemented. In this, we have helped customers with disruption training, knowledge about how digitalisation can offer new conditions for business models and how to take measures to change their business models to be circular.  

Personal contact

Curious about our courses but not sure which one is right for you or your company? Have specific questions about a course? Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Torbjörn Matton, Learning Manager at Cordial.

Torbjörn Olsson | Manager Learning

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