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AI means problems for Intel. SpaceX will send 2 people on a trip around the moon next year and Amazon wants Alexa to answer customer service calls. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles   and news, with a focus on disruption!

AI means problems for Intel

Intel, the ever dominant processor player has remained at the top of computing power for decades. It has however failed to take any significant role in the mobile phone processing market. Now, they are missing all the growth in yet another segment, while the long rival Nvidia is seizing all the growth. Nvidia has long been the ruler of the GPU market, which historically is a smaller market with main application to turn personal computers into gaming devices. However, since GPUs are specialized at handling the type of massive and complex computations in video games they are also perfect for machine learning and other AI applications, which require huge amounts of data to be processed. Nvidia sales have hence sky-rocketed and the share price quadrupled in the past 12 months!

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Scientists rejuvenate blood by reprogramming cells

Like it or not, your body gradually loses its capacity for producing blood as you age. Now however, scientists at Lund university have found a way to rejuvenate blood. The technique has only been tested with mice so far, but it’s very promising if it proves effective with humans. Potentially this could be used to effectively fight leukemia and other blood conditions.

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Space travel next year!

Two (so far) undisclosed indivduals have paid SpaceX a “significant” amount to go to the moon next year. They won’t belanding on the moon though, they’re going around it and then returning back to Earth. Either way, this could very well be the furthest any human has gone into space in decades. Waiting to see who?!

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Alexa to serve you as Customer Service. (And take jobs?)

Amazon Echo’s AI Alexa is back again this week. Amazon is currently prepping a commercial version of Alexa developed specifically for fielding questions from phone calls and text messages. That means to serve as customer service. Most likely this is (at least initially) for the first couple of questions and “self-help”, before you reach a real person. However this is one of the first actual steps we see where AI takes away jobs. We’ve seen robots do that for a while, now it is AI’s turn!

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