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MegaDrone will be a self-flying air Taxi in Dubai, the age of the giant battery is almost upon us and Amazon Alexa can now Add events to your outlook calendar! Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Autonomous drone-taxi in Dubai!

The first fully-electric autonomous aerial vehicle drone starts this July, in Dubai, if everything goes according to plan. This human-size drone is able to carry a single passenger (and a smaller suitcase) who weighs less than 220 pounds over short distances at 62 miles per hour. The Prime Minister of the UAE wants 25% of all passenger trips to be made in driverless vehicles by 2030.
Very tomorrow, TODAY!

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The age of the batteries?

Batteries have been a potential but too risky and expensive solution for instability in sustainable energy sources, now, it seems, it has started attracting bankers with the money to make it happen. As battery costs have declined 40 percent since 2014 and regulators are mandating storage technology be added to the grid (as we recently reported with California), bankers have started to raise interest. The industry is however very juvenile and still developing market mechanisms to determine how to value and pay for storage systems that offer different functions than the traditional ones, store, not use on demand.

In related news Tesla reported a loss for its fourth quarter, slightly missing its production goal of 80 thousand vehicles. However the question remains, will they be able to produce 500 thousand in 2018 as planned?? This year will most likely be a make it or break it for Tesla as model 3 production start this summer!

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Our security thread is back!

Last year we saw our first really dangerous botnet attacks from IoT devices and regulators starting to raise the internet security as a real threat to both companies and nations and of course us individuals. Now our thread on the subject is back, with a school that was attacked by its own vending machines. Yes that’s right, infected soda machines and 5,000 other botnet-infected IoT devices on campus were attacking the network, in an “IoT outbreak”. Once again, weak passwords was the key as the malicious software spread from device to device by brute forcing default and weak passwords. Let’s hope regulators and security managers are at it, because this will just escalate!

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Alexa, am I free tomorrow night?”

Last year we had a favorite gadget here on the feed, the Amazon Echo. Being able to order consumables and getting the morning news by voice command just seems awesome and very 21st century. A recent upgrade lets the Echo access your outlook, allowing it to read your new emails and calendar to you in the morning. Though it’s STILL not available in Europe this feature surely makes it even more interesting for us! Come on Amazon, aren’t you supposed to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company”, or is it just in the US?

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