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Future of retail? Delivery!

Sure seems like it if you ask Amazon, who are spending billions on building their own delivery network of airplanes, trucks, warehouses. Most recently they are also investing in a $1,5 billion air hub in Cincinnati hoping to get shoppers their orders quickly. During last week’s Super Bowl Amazon also teased their delivery drones again (check the intriguing video). Given that it cost them at least $5 million just to air it, they are most likely getting very serious with it!

In Sweden DHL are building a network of security boxes for urban citizens to use for pickup, rather than having to meet up “sometime between 8-17” at home.

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Big firms no longer means big money

There is historical evidence all the way from the 1880’s that large firms generally pay higher salaries than small firms. However, Nick Bloom from Stanford University has shown that this only was true up until the 1980’s, and that the large firm pay premium has fallen by two thirds since. In 1980’s, changing jobs from a firm with 100 employees to a firm with 10,000 employees would mean a 50% pay increase on average. Today, the same increase is merely 15%. There are many factors leading up to this change, but Bloom highlights the rise of outsourcing and the increased pressure on managers to cut cost as two interesting explanations.

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Snapchat IPO

Snap Inc (Snapchat) recently filed for an IPO, at $404 million in revenue 2016 (growing fast). Interestingly they only mention DAU rather than MAU. ‘We build new products all the time really fast, and they’re all about fun’ – notable contrast to Facebook. Wall Street Journal places the company’s value between $20 billion and $25 billion. Not sure, given gross margin is still negative…

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