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When do YOU get your first drone delivery? Will Ethereum be the internet of the future and can you imagine controlling different aspects of your home just using your brain signals? Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

First drone delivery!

Amazon took major step for drone delivery this past week, completing its first real delivery with a drone! With 13 minutes from click to delivery, the drone delivered a streaming device and popcorn to a customer in Cambridgeshire in England. When do YOU get your first drone delivery? Probably sooner if you live in the suburb or not too close to an airport…  Lots of hurdles still do exist.

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Ethereum, decentralized internet

Block-chain, no more middlemen in Finance, right? Well, it turns out block-chain can take away the middlemen in basically everything that today has a presence on the internet (everything?). Ethereum is a decentralized online computing platform that is built on block-chain technology. An example would be that through an app/website Ethereum could provide exactly what Spotify provides, but without any of your money going to royalties or licensing fees of the middlemen. Will Ethereum be the internet of the future? That will ultimately depend on if they (or any of their competitors) really can provide apps and services that create more value to consumers than those of the traditional centralized model.

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Pentagon’s DARPA envisions the world in 2045

In a recent article by World Economic Forum, some input to our vision of the future has been listed by DARPA, the research agency of the Pentagon. “Think about controlling different aspects of your home just using your brain signals”. “Imagine a world where we don’t even recognize the materials that surround us…materials that are strong as steel but light as carbon fiber”. We will “…interact with machines to get things done more intelligently, instead of using keyboards or rudimentary voice-recognition systems”. The world will surely be a very different place in 2045, as we wrote in an old post some experts even think we might even have artificial intelligence smarter than humans by then.

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