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Volvo + UBER = TaaS

UBERs future ambitions just became real this week, in a move to prepare for an autonomous car future they have entered an agreement to buy up to 24 000 cars from Volvo between 2019 and 2021. “The new vehicles will be designed with specialized back-up systems that will allow them to operate without a human.” “Our aim is to be the supplier of choice for autonomous drive, ride-sharing service providers globally” said Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Cars chief executive. The disruption of the traditional auto industry has started and we are entering a TaaS economy! Exciting!

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Germany bans smartwatches for kids

The rapid growth and usage of connected devices entails new challenges regarding security. Challenges that caused Germany to ban smart watches aimed at children as a response to growing privacy concerns surrounding the devices. Germany’s Federal Network Agency stated that the devices should be regarded as an unauthorized transmitting system that enables parents or even hackers to listen unnoticed to the child’s environment. The IoT development undoubtedly poses more requirements on security.

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Connected devices enables you to save in on health care expenses 

UnitedHealthcare is looking to integrate their customer’s wearable connected devices in order to offer discounts to customers who meet daily walking goals. Customers can save up to $1000 a year by showing that they have an active lifestyle. Something that benefits both the customer and the insurance company as studies have shown that physical activity can be an effective way to help improve well-being and reduce medical costs.

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