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Tesla broadens in the middle of “production hell”

Last night Tesla had another grand unveiling event, only not for “family cars” this time. They unveil the truck (called the Semi) we wrote about a few months back and a new roadster (Tesla’s first model was actually a Roadster). “The Semi takes Model S technology and puts in a big rig”, and Elon Musk says it’s “designed like a bullet.” It’s range will be up to 500 miles and charging will be supported by Tesla’s (also new) Megachargers that will be built by Tesla across the world. The truck will also have advanced Autopilot as standard for all produced vehicles, greatly improving safety according to the company. Oh, and the truck will be able to go faster than diesel trucks and be cheaper per mile from day one… Totally disruptive, as usual! As Tesla is in the middle of themselves have called “production hell” with the model 3 this might be a very risky move, increasing complexity vastly. BUT! Certainly Elon is doing this to ensure his vision of sustainable transport which obviously must include trucks as well.

Additionally (actually inside the truck) Elon unveiled what might really be the new hype product for the company, a new roadster. To keep it short, the 4-seater car is the fastest production car ever. With 0-60mph announced at 1,9 seconds, and torque at an unbelievable 10,000 Nm. Given that, for 0-60, anything below 2.5 seconds is CRAZY fast for a production car that’s completely jaw-dropping!
Can they really succeed with all this? Only time will tell!

(If you like product unveils but think they’re typically too long, the second link includes a 9 min compressed cut.)

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Digital pills?

That’s right, the FDA has just approved the first digital pill. The pill, called Abilify MyCite, can track whether you have taken your medical pills or not. “The pill is one way to address the prevalent problem of patients not taking their medication correctly, with the IMS Institute estimating that the improper and unnecessary use of medicine cost the US healthcare sector over $200 billion in 2012. The approval also opens the door for pills that are used for other conditions beyond mental health to be digitized.”

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Artificial intelligence now threatens human capital 

Deloitte, PwC and EY are all working on developing and implementing artificial intelligence in their services. Previously, computers have primarily been used as support for analysis. However, technologies such as natural language processing and robotic process automation enables computers to both analyze and write qualitative report s based on their own analysis. Will machines soon replace humans in the consulting industry?

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