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$130 billion acquisition??

Yes that’s right the biggest deal in tech history might just go down as Broadcom (chip maker) has proposed to acquire Qualcomm (also chip maker). Apparently Broadcom has laid a takeover bid and is hoping shareholders will accept, even though it is likely Qualcomm board will recommend the offer is rejected. It is also likely regulator will have a thing or two to say about such a market consolidation. Nonetheless it is an extraordinary proposition, and in fact so big that it is more than double the sum of WhatsApp, Motorola Mobility, Skype, Nokia, Nest, Oculus VR, YouTube, Instagram, Skype and Waze deal sizes combined together.

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Self-driving cars soon available!

Alphabet owned Waymo recently announced parts of its go to market strategy for its autonomous driving technology, a commercial driverless ride hailing service, and it is closer in time than we think. They are now performing public road tests of its autonomous minivans with no safety driver on board, sharing public roads with human-driven cars. Waymo further announced that within the next “few months”, they intend to start operating a fully autonomous (level 4 for the nerds out there) on-demand ride hailing service, in Chandler Arizona where tests are now being conducted. This really is a huge step towards making self-driving cars available to the public!!

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Amazon insurance! (?)

The retail giant Amazon is recruiting people working with insurance in the UK and are apparently planning to target the British, German, French, Italian and Spanish markets. Initially the service will be to insure things you buy through Amazon but expanding from that should rather be expected than not from someone like Amazon.

The insurance industry is already facing disruption from new digital solution enabled by things like smart homes, car sensors and drones, this adds another heavy wagon on that train rushing towards them.

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