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Can we predict the future? AI with a memory and Facebook recommendations is here to tell you what to do IRL. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Predict the future?

Have you ever felt an urge to predict the future? CIA now claims they can predict certain events up to 5 days in advance… They call it “anticipatory intelligence”. By applying machine learning to their own and open source data sets the technology makes sense of seemingly disparate data, helping analysts see patterns to anticipate national security threats. With tech’s best data-parsing tools, the CIA are hoping to get days of lead time to prepare for riots and social decay. How accurate they will be is still very uncertain but this sure sounds like total science fiction to us!

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AI that can remember…
The main computational system used for AI today is neural networks, which is similar to that of our own brain. Today these systems, that can solve very complex problems, do not rely on any type of memory, which limits their ability to handle variables and store data over time. Now, the Google owned company DeepMind has introduced a memory supported neural network (called DNC) in their studies which significantly improves performance for some tasks. “We demonstrate that a DNC  can successfully answer synthetic questions designed to emulate reasoning…” Wasn’t reasoning the last thing separating computers from humans..?

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Facebook – Moving IRL Online

Facebook recently unveiled a new function making it possible to easier plan and buy IRL experiences through their platform. The new Events tool makes suggestions based on activities popular among your friends and in your area and is integrated with the experience providers to offer a seamless buying experience. The new tool is also gathering recommendations exchanged between friends in the Facebook chat. The recommendations are interpreted by the software and compiled in a personal map that you can share with your Facebook friends, who of course can make purchases directly through the Facebook platform. With 1,7 billion users the cut doesn’t need to be very big on each transaction for Facebook to make a lot of money.

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