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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business In 2017 and Uber loses its license to operate in London. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

More electric!

Linking back to last week’s feed – The interest is high to acquire a stake of the soon to be disrupted car-industry. The vacuum cleaner and hairdryer producer Dyson announcedthat it has already begun working on its own electrical vehicleand that it should be ready for launch by 2020. Further, Ford joins the growing number of partners in Lyft’s Open Platform Initiative, which already includes heavyweights likeAlphabet’s Waymo, General Motors, Land Rover and Jaguar.By sharing data with each other, they hope to figure out the best cities to launch a ride-hailing fleet full of autonomous vehicles, as well as to conjure up the framework necessary to maintain that fleet.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business In 2017

Boston Consulting Group and MIT have performed a study on the subject Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence”. The study is based on interviews with more than 3,000 business executives, managers, and analysts in 112 countries and 21 industries. Some insights from the survey are:

– 84% of respondents say AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage.
– 83% believe AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today.
– 75% state that AI will allow them to move into new businesses and ventures.
– Despite high expectations for AI, only 23% of respondents have incorporated it into processes and product and service offerings today.

Uber loses its license to operate in London

It was stated that Uber is “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence” and that Uber’s “approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues”. Reputation or let’s say execution is key here!

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