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Shipping industry to digitize!

Hanjin Shipping, a South Korean container line, recently went bankrupt, leaving 66 ships, carrying goods worth $14.5 billion, stranded at sea. Hanjin is not alone. Of the biggest 12 shipping companies that have published results for the past quarter, 11 have announced huge losses. The two main reasons being manufacturer’s offshoring less and over capacity of ships. So how will the industry adapt the business model, digitize! Shipping is way behind other industries in collecting data and monitoring ships and industry leader Maersk. Interestingly the industry seems to be following the classic sailing strategy ‘follow the leader’, as an executive at one of Maersk Line’s rivals admits: “We just watch what Maersk does and copy it.”

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Synthetic composites to save millions of lives?

The ongoing increase of Bacteria resistant to antibiotics are one of the biggest threats of the 21st century. People might start dying from diseases that are “easily” curable today and major surgery or chemotherapy becomes hugely more risky. Though, two recent discoveries give hope to synthetic composites that can keep bacteria from “pumping” out antibiotics or mechanically destroy the bacteria cell.

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Emotion scanners…?

You can lie to your partner, your best friends and even your mom, but you can’t lie to EQ-Radio. That’s right, scanners can now “read” your emotions. EQ-Radio have developed algorithms that can extract your heartbeat from the signals your body reflects. It then analyzes each heartbeat and compares it to your previous measurements.

I can just imagine how department stores can pinpoint emotionally “available” people or marketers analyze our impressions of commercials.

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