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Disruption of the transportation industry, electric bus sets record with 1,101-mile trip on a single charge and Amazon tests one-hour delivery for your fashion show picks. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Transportation as a service (TaaS)

In a recent report RethinkX predicts a technology driven disruption of the transportation industry. By 2030, within 10 years of regulatory approval of fully autonomous vehicles, 95% of all U.S. passenger miles will be served by TaaS providers who will own and operate fleets of autonomous electric vehicles. As passengers are provided with faster rides, increased safety and costs up to 10 times cheaper than today’s individually owned vehicles the industry will be completely disrupted. The disruption will be driven mostly by personal economic gain. Using TaaS, the average American family will save more than $5,600 per year in transportation costs. Competitive markets will lead to prices trending toward cost and perhaps even price wars and short-term loss-leader pricing as providers look to secure shares of a predicted multi-trillion-dollar market. Subsequently, this is what will kill oil: It will cost less to hail an autonomous electric vehicle than to drive the car that you already own. This can be likened to when inexpensive natural gas pushed coal out of the market, coal consumption dropped roughly 25% in a decade; similar to the 30% drop that RethinkX anticipates for oil. Go read their great report and/or the blog post linked below describing the dynamics of the changes to come.

Some of the most staggering predictions:

  • By 2022, oil use will have peaked
  • By 2023, used car prices will crash as people give up their vehicles.  New car sales  for individuals will drop to nearly zero.
  • By 2030, gasoline use for cars will have dropped to near zero, and total crude oil use will have dropped by 30% compared to today.

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More “Electric lovers”!

Electric will be key in the coming TaaS revolution, and now Volkswagen have announced they are going electric om their ALL 300 (!) models by 2030. “The German auto giant laid out the enormity of the task ahead, vowing to spend 20 billion euros ($24 billion) by 2030 to roll out the cars and earmarked another 50 billion euros to buy the batteries needed to power the vehicles.” This is the industry’s most ambitious goal yet (for electric) and must be at least partially seen as a move to offset the bad press after the company admitted to cheating on emission tests for millions of diesel vehicles.

Obviously this also goes quite well with Chinas goal to ban combustion engine models by 2040, which we mentioned last week.

In other electric news startup Proterra drove their electric bus a whopping 1,101.2 miles on a single charge (Model S typically at a bit less than 300). That’s the furthest any EV has managed before recharging

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ONE hour delivery

Amazon is testing an option that delivers highlights from Nicopanda’s London Fashion Week lineup to local Prime subscribers within an hour.

The early-adopters dream?? Amazon keeps tweaking and changing the retail model.

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