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(US) Voting machines at risk??

As we have mentioned before, data security WILL be a big issue for everyone for the foreseeable future. Last year a report was published in the US stating, for this election, most voting jurisdictions will be using machines that are at, or near, the end of their life cycles. Now while the US system is old and has its risks most officials say it’s safe to use, but in general what happens if an election is considered rigged/faulty because of hacker attacks..?! Mr Trump has already said the only way he could lose Pennsylvania is through fraud — as in, electronic voting machines that could be hacked. This basically opens up for an underdog to, themselves, hack an election in order to disqualify the result…

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Automotive disrupted

Daimler, the power-house of Mercedes-Benz, are planning to “fight” Tesla with at least six electic vehicles. So basically, Elon has successfully disrupted and changed automotive. Just like the plan was.

Interestingly, in order to do so he has been forced to take on the full scope of the development and production process, with everything from battery manufacturing to totally changing the way the company looks at manufacturing. For Tesla the factory is perhaps the most important PRODUCT they will ever make, that’s where they can gain margin and truly push the model 3 towards mass-market.

Another interesting trait of Elon is how he likes to share his long-term strategy and went ahead and published it on the Tesla blog in July. In its essence: autonomous, car-sharing, more product ranges (family and Trucks?) and “solar-roof-with-battery”.

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Tidal waves, the new wind power?

Installing huge parks of wind power turbines at sea has become a way of generating green energy for countries with long coastal lines. Now, a company called Nova Innovation is installing the world’s first tidal power generators along the coast of Scotland. This will allow for further use of the earths massive sources of green energy. The UK Carbon Trust estimates the tidal energy market will be worth $165 Billion by 2050.

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