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Tesla’s new Value Proposition: The affordable supercar

Tesla’s journey from the Roadster to the Model S and soon the Model 3 is a true example of technology disruption. A product based on new technology aimed for a niche market that evolves into a high-end product for the masses. Now, the California base automaker is expanding their value proposition. The first Model S was intended to compete with premium sedans from automakers like BMW and Mercedes. But as the battery and motor technology has evolved, the Model S has transformed into something resembling a real supercar (or even Hypercar), at a fraction of the cost. The new $134,500 Model S P100D is capable of accelerating from 0-60 MPH in the same time as the $2,25 million Bugatti Veyron and the $1,42 million LaFerarri.

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Decacorn > deca-bubble??

Uber has lost $1.27 billion in just the first half of 2016! Yes, “startups” typically “loose” money the first few years to finance growth, but that’s almost as much as Spotify’s REVENUE for a full year..

The company has been losing serious money trying to gain a foothold in China, where it has lost about $2 billion over the last two years. On top of this the company specifically said, last week that it was willing to spend money to maintain its lead in the US! So, the larger question of how long Uber can continue to lose this much cash, remains! Is this the first sign of a new IT-bubble?

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Eye-tracking technology for gamers almost a reality

Tobii, the Swedish eye-tracking technology developer, announced some great news for all gamers earlier this week! The company has closed a deal with the computer manufacturer Acer on delivering eye-tracking devices for gaming products. Acer are already developing a VR-headset for gaming and this collaboration raises the anticipation for such a product. Tobii has been struggling with large deficits the last few years but this gaming-disruptor can hopefully help their finances and further development of their medical devices!

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