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Robots are the new offshoring

Adidas, which has often come under fire for its use of unethical labor practices, is leading the charge in robotizing their production. The first move was by setting up a robot-staffed “speedfactory” this year in Germany (this brings back production to the native country for the first time in 30 years), and now Adidas will start to build another in the US. The volumes are initially small, but this allows for less shipping, shorter lead-times, more personalization and most likely cost cuts so the move is a no-brainer. If this production model succeeds we can expect to see much more production “moving home”, but what will that mean for developing markets..?

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Take a cab to space…next year?!

Space taxis made by Boeing and SpaceX could carry astronauts to the ISS as soon as 2017, and NASA has begun preparing for their arrival. On Friday, astronauts will install a parking spot where the taxis can dock. What will the ticket prices be?!!

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Ford self-driving cars in 5 years, and Apple car is really coming?

Autonomous vehicles are believed to reduce auto sales by as much as 40 percent according to a Barclay analyst. Even so, Ford, the fourth largest automaker, is betting on a new ride-hailing service operated by driverless cars. The service, promised to be available 2021, will for sure decrease the incentives for people to get a driver license and own a car, thus cannibalizing on Ford’s core business. But if they don’t disrupt themselves, someone else will, and fact is new fleet models are already out there (Car2go, Drive Now etc) so Ford better get on board!

At the same time a rumor (one of many to come?) about batteries for Apple’s supposedly coming car has surfaced. An actual launch of an Apple Car would be a huge deal for the industry and it will probably entail something closer to what Ford has just announced rather than the traditional model.

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