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Pokémon GO! (and Stop?)

Its frenzy has created “new jobs”, unfortunate deaths, traffic troubles and billions of dollars in market value. Pokemon Go is definitely a huge success, so far. In fact Nintendo’s market value increased over 80% in less than a week and surpassed that of Sony for the first time in years. The big question now is, for how long can a game like this be “big”? Will other similarly big hits be required to maintain Nintendo’s positive outlook? In the past weeks the company’s market value has decreased and settled, but is still up more than 50% from before the launch of Pokemon Go. This is likely due to a larger understanding of the game and its potential for investors, but the question remain, will users (who already are contributing millions despite the game itself being free) simply stop using the app?

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Tesla gigafactory has opened! (Or at least part of it)

I never though the design and actual manufacturing of a factory would be inspiring, or even interesting, but Tesla has managed to changed that. Watch the video below!

The art and science of manufacturing is how to thoughtfully design and lay out every detail and component, to be able to make more goods as efficiently and cheaply as possible without making compromises on quality. Other companies, notably Toyota, have been working towards that efficiency sweet spot for decades. What makes the Tesla gigafactory special is the sheer size of the building and the company’s pursuit of optimizing the density of useful stuff within it, in spite of its size. By doing so Tesla are expecting to reduce the per-kilowatt-hour cost of their lithium-ion battery packs by more than 30%.

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Self-driving moving towards becoming fully autonomous

A group at MIT are aiming at producing LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) “on-a-chip” that is way smaller and cheaper than many of those used today (the big bucket on top of Googles self-driving car, a type of radar technology). Google claims fully autonomous will be safer for humanity than half or part autonomous ever will. To get there we will need cheaper and better technology, and potentially reducing the cost by 1000% while also reducing size is a definite step in the right direction!

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