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Logistics companies in China are struggling to match delivery capacity to fluctuating demand, Dyson spends more than $6 million on R&D EVERY WEEK and Tesla explains how much supercharging will cost new buyers. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Platform model for delivery

Mckinsey have acknowledge a very interesting application of the UBER platform model in China. Not for taxis, but for delivery. China’s logistics players struggle to keep up e-shopping growth (50 percent and more) and wide variability in demand. During slow periods some trucks can be loaded to just 30-40%, raising costs for the firms. A new app-based approach to manage demand swings uses an Uber-like shipping platform. The app links merchants with multiple logistics companies’ trucking fleets and drivers, enabling the companies to share capacity. Furthermore, it opens up for an on-demand pool of thousands of independent urban Chinese delivery drivers and enables users to rate drivers, thereby encouraging merchants to turn to competing logistics services. The app has helped avoid cancelled orders and reduced some fleet costs by 30%!

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Dyson, all about R&D

Last year we wrote about Dyson, originally a vacuum company that had made a $400 hair dryer. A recent article from Engadget entails some very interesting things about their R&D department. A very inspiring read! Dyson spends more than $6 million on R&D EVERY WEEK. Pushing forward and staying cutting edge in every detail. They put immense amounts of effort and patience in to their projects, sometimes spending 16 years on a single one. son even tried to make its own Google Glass-like AR headset 12 years ago… To develop the hairdryer Dyson tweaked their electrical motor to 110 000 RPM that was so fast they had to develop new software to even be able to measure it. Always very inspiring to hear how and why some companies stay at the frontline through internal structures and cultures. Just take the very smart move of Dyson to make the most secret R&D building on campus, completely covered in mirrors. No one can look in!

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Tesla tweaking its value proposition

This weekend Tesla tweaked their value proposition. Previously charging a Tesla vehicle at a supercharger station has been free. For all new orders of a Tesla, it won’t be. While some charging is still included for new orders, this means anyone interested in long-distance driving will have to re-assess the lifetime cost of a Tesla. And who says there won’t be further restrictions of the supercharging access in the future?

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In other Tesla news, go watch the linked video of how the autopilot technology predicts a real life accident. Really proving that sensors and algorithms truly can make us much safer on the road!!

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