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Brexit happened? No it has just begun!

“When Brexiters told the public that people were exaggerating there would be a financial meltdown I think it’s been proven they were not exaggerating… this country is going to go into recession”, – Richard Branson.
On the feed we often talk about how innovation and technology always wins over law and politics in the long run. Those words give little comfort when analyzing Brexit effects.
The pound is at the lowest level in three decades, insurance group IAG (owner of British Airways) has lost over a third of its value, and London stands at the risk of losing 100 000 jobs as financial institutions are executing contingency plans (yes, they planned long ahead for Brexit) to move their offices to other European countries. All this since last Thursday, and we haven’t even mentioned all the work and costs involved to re-organize and negotiate with the EU! Now, we are in fact still just days away from the vote so things may change a bit in the next few weeks, hopefully for the better.

What’s more, the U.K. government also needs to find $132 billion to keep electricity on nationwide after 2020.The UK just happens to have one of the oldest electricity systems in the world. That’s a whole lot of money and not a lot of time for a market full of uncertainty!!

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No work and negative income tax?
Some believe that the coming increases in productivity, from things like AI and robotics, are going to create an economic abundance that will allow many of us to simply not work. Some have suggested a negative income tax -”a supplement instead of a tax for low-income workers that would help the financial redistribution without disrupting the other important outcomes generated by the practice of work”. So what will we do with all that time? Could we image a new age where our self-esteem and shared societal value is not associated with financial success or work?

Are smart (AI) robots going to be the slaves of the 21st and 22nd century? Many open and interesting questions in this interesting blog post on the effects of AI.

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Gene/DNA editing not so abstract anymore

Gene editing has recently been making huge advancements with something called CRISPR, a technology that is powerful enough to cure humanity’s worst diseases, yet simple enough to be used by amateur biologists. CRISPR for instance “immunized” tomatoes against the yellow leaf curl virus, and thus shows HUGE potential for anything in agriculture. CRISPR allows editing of DNA in a living cell, meaning it can be used to help living organisms and yes – humans. Theoretically it will allow doctors to cure any human disease or defect before a person is even born or perhaps ensure someone is tall when they grow up… Scary stuff but truly has potential to be the single greatest advancement for healthcare of the 21st century!

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