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Flying cars??!

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, has been secretly funding a company working on a small, all-electric plane that could take off and land vertically — a flying car. Personally spending over $100 million Page really seems to want the flying-car future. So badly that he is actually funding a second company with the same goal, Kitty Hawk. Fact is, several prototypes are being built around the globe by both big and small companies and the referred article from Bloomberg gives great insight to current advancements.

Quotes like the ones below definitely sound promising! BUT, how do companies like VW, GM or Tesla tackle this?

“What appears in the next 5 to 10 years will be incredible”

“We’re changing personal aviation.”

“The goal is to build a product that impacts the lives of lots of people, not just folks that are amateur pilots or wealthy, but everyone.”

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Google to release a business oriented digital assistant

We are already familiar with Siri, Cortana and Google Now, the digital assistants that helps you in your everyday life. Now Google is releasing yet another assistant, named Springboard. The difference with Springboard is that it is aimed at professional users. It offers a single search interface using AI to search information among Google’s suite of products such as Gmail, Drive, and Docs etc. The value proposition here is to shorten the time spent on searching for information, something Google claims “the average knowledge worker” spends a day per week on. Is this an attempt to draw business users away from Microsoft Office?

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A brighter future for physically impaired children

Disruption is to us not necessarily something that directly impacts business models or markets, but also for example people’s daily lives. The world’s first child-sized exoskeleton has been developed for children with spinal muscular atrophy, and it’s designed to grow up alongside them! For someone who at a young age can see all their friends and family walking and moving wherever they like while not being able to themselves, this is a very important innovation!

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We are moving towards a battery powered world!

Tesla has pushed the electrification of power supply forward both for our cars and for our homes. Elon, founder of Tesla, also has a hand in the push for electric trains with Hyperloop and an important milestone was met in Sweden last week as a new world record was set for rail energy consumption by a team from University of Dalarna. The team accomplished 0.84 Wh per person per kilometer – equivalent of using about 0.84 milliliters of fuel to move one person 10 kilometers!

Even the “loud and roaring” Harley Davidson is planning an electric bike within the next 5 years. But, electric motors are quiet…?!!

Additionally, our neighbors Norway politicians are moving closer to a complete ban on selling gas-powered cars, effectively by 2025!

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